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Lavera has been producing natural cosmetics in Germany since 1975 when they launched their first product, their popular lip balm.

Lavera's focus on naturalness is key to what they do. They use raw plant ingredients as much as possible and there are no synthetic perfumes, colourants and preservatives in their products at all. Lavera products adhere to the guidelines for controlled natural cosmetics defined by BDIH.

All the raw materials that Lavera use are from certified organic agriculture and products are never tested on animals but exclusively on human volunteers in collaboration with skin and allergy specialists to ensure that Lavera products are not just natural but effective.

Lavera continually innovate and through this were the first company in the world to introduce 100% mineral based sun protection and their sun sprays the first in the world to be certified organic to BDIH standards.

Lavera ranges

Lavera Basis for the whole family Lavera Body Spa Lavera Men's
Lavera Face Skin Care Lavera Hair Care Lavera Sun Care
Lavera Trend Sensitiv Cosmetics Lavera Neutral - Fragrance Free
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