Rachel Hunter goes make-up free

Rachel Hunter is one of the world’s top models – but she’s shown how fabulous she can look without make-up too.

The Daily Mail reports that Rachel dressed down and went make-up free for her flight out of LAX last week.

“Looking casual in jeans and a loose-fitting checked shirt, the 43-year-old piled her trademark blonde locks up into a messy bun and carried a small holdall,” says the Mail.

Seems pretty sensible to us – who wants to pile on the make-up when you’re getting on a plane? There’s probably a reason she’s got great skin – lots of top quality natural skin care products and looking after herself.

“Instead of covering her face in make-up or with large sunglasses, Rachel was confident enough to go bare-faced, showing off her flawless complexion,” says the Mail.

If you’re looking that good, there’s no real reason to slap on the make-up or hide behind daft shades, is there?
[Image: Luke Ford] 
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