Beauty expert ditches her favourite products for natural beauty alternatives

Beauty expert Emma Robertson ditched her favourite products and replaced them with natural beauty alternatives instead.

The Daily Express beauty writer found it an enriching experience, although she was sceptical at first.

“As a beauty writer I’m addicted to trying out the newest lotions and treatments and have a complicated and expensive beauty routine which I stick to religiously,” she says.

However she got expert advice from natural beauty author Star Khechara, and tried out a range of homemade products.

These included oaty cleansers, made with oats, dried orange peel and mixed spice, and a chocolate mint skin body scrub, made of sugar, cocoa, peppermint tea leaves and oil.

Beer helped revitalise her hair, as did a DIY avocado and egg hair mask, while olive oil proved to be an excellent cleanser.

“I’m certainly a convert as after a week my skin glowed and my bank balance was healthier than it has been in years,” she says.

However if you don’t fancy making your own, just try our ready-made natural beauty products instead!

[Image: Creative Tools]

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