Celebrities endorse organic and natural beauty products

Celebrities are increasingly buying organic and natural beauty products after a number of recent scare stories about ingredients in make-up.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Kylie Minogue, Dannii Minogue, Erika Heynatz and Sonia Kruger have all endorsed organic products.

The newspaper quotes a report from The Age that says heavy metals have been found in many of the most popular lipsticks in the USA.

“It might be time to ditch the contents of your make up bag and switch to organic,” says the newspaper.

The article also cites a report in the Daily Mail, which revealed that eyeliner and concealers contained cadmium, and some foundations include arsenic.

Dr Peter Dingle, associate professor at Murdoch University, told the Sydney Morning Herald that some of these ingredients can be harmful to health.

“Heavy metals, primarily lead and mercury are highly toxic," he told the newspaper.

"The problem we face is that everyone is different and everyone reacts differently. There are some people, who are unable to detoxify heavy metals from their body, who will accumulate it at higher rates than most."

[Image: Dave 79]

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