How to get glossy hair - just like Kate

Celebrities are always swanning about with super-glossy hair – so how do you get the same look with natural hair care?

Danielle Lineker, at the Daily Mirror, has been thinking up ways we can look more like Kate (that's the Duchess of Cambridge to you!)

“Kate’s long glossy locks have had a huge influence in Hollywood with the likes of Angelina Jolie, Victoria Beckham and Eva Longoria all trying to steal her look,” says Danielle.

She recommends organic argan oil along with some vitamin-infused treatments from her hairdresser.

However, Danielle admits that weekly salon visits aren’t that easy for most of us – so we need a bit more help.

“The key is maintenance,” she says. One top tip: never brush your hair when it’s wet, just comb it through with a wide comb instead.

Apparently we should also have our hair trimmed regularly, use deep conditioning treatments and limit heat styling.

Don’t forget to keep your scalp healthy with a scalp mask. And if you must dye your hair, use natural hair dyes that don’t contain nasty chemicals.

[Image: americanistadechiapas]

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