Natural shampoos can help avoid wrecking your hair

Washing your hair with conventional shampoos could be wrecking your precious locks, according to a new report.

The Yahoo! Lifestyle website lists five everyday habits that ruin your looks and one is washing your hair. That’s if you use chemical-laden products, of course.

“If you want to look hot and feel good the very least you need to do is keep clean, right?” asks the website. 

“Well, although basic hygiene is obviously a vital part of your beauty regime you have to choose your products carefully.”

The website explains that most shampoos and hair conditioners contain the chemical sodium laureth sulphate. 

“Although commonly used, this chemical can damage your hair, your skin and your health,” says Yahoo! Lifestyle. 

“The Hair Loss Control Clinic explains that sodium laureth sulphate can even cause your hair growth cycle to decline and suggest the chemical can prolong your hair loss phase.”

So what’s the solution? Natural hair care products, of course! 

“To keep your hair thick and luscious, choose products that do not contain this chemical, like organic shampoos and conditioners,” says Yahoo! Lifestyle.
[Image: Kate Sumbler] 

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