Spring is here - but how bouncy is your hair?

Spring has officially sprung - but is your hair ready for the new season?

If your hair is still feeling dry and out of condition from the winter, now’s the time to give it a boost.

The sun is shining - well, sometimes - and hopefully you'll be spending more time outside in the full glare of daylight, so you want your hair to look its best.

Josh Wood, the Wella global creative director, told the Daily Telegraph that we should all be working on our hair’s condition for the spring.

“It’s going to be all about shine and colour intensity,” he said.

So if you need to give your hair a bit of a spring clean, why not check out some natural conditioners.

If you’ve put a new colour in your hair for the new season, try a conditioner for colour treated hair.

Or perhaps you need to tackle dry and damaged hair or fine fly-away hair is bugging you - there are natural ways of dealing with this too.

Natural hair styling products will help give you a smooth look - and hopefully your hair will be as bright and bouncy as a spring lamb!

[Image: Tom Jervis]

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