Supermodel Miranda Kerr shares her natural beauty secrets in a new book

Supermodel Miranda Kerr has written a new book about life and beauty – and she’s a big fan of natural skin care.

The Australia model has recently launched the book called “Treasure Yourself” and has her own organic skin care line.

According to the Daily Glow website, she was a picture of natural beauty at the book launch in her hometown of Sydney, Australia.

She looked “radiant and natural”, says the website, and her face “looked fresh and sun-kissed with just a hint of make-up”.

The book is apparently a “collection of thoughts and life lessons on inner beauty and self-improvement for young adults”. Sounds very deep and meaningful, doesn’t it?

The supermodel wants to tell everybody how to feel beautiful in their own skin and encourage people to take up a natural way of living and looking after themselves. She’s certainly a very good advert for an organic, natural way of life!

[Image: hugo971]

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