Supermodel can't live without Weleda hand lotion

Supermodels might seem like they’re from another planet – but they’re really just like us. Honest!

Guinevere van Seenus has been spilling the beans to the Telegraph about the things she just can’t live without – and one of them is one of our natural beauty favourites too…

Van Seenus, 34, who lives in Los Angeles with her dog, Binkerton (yes, I know) reveals that one of her staples in her handbag is Weleda hand lotion.

The supermodel has starred in big brand campaigns including Prada and Miu Miu this year. So her beauty secrets are worth listening to!

Van Seenus also reveals to the Telegraph that she loves making things with her hands, like jewellery, painting, knitting, pottery and photography. She’s reading the Game of Thrones books by George RR Martin.

She also loves Converse trainers, and her guilty pleasures are red wine, dark chocolate and sleep. See – just like us!

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