Method Hand Wash - French Lavender


Hands so clean, you could eat with them.

It's 4pm. do you know where your hands have been? Probably better just to wash them and not think about it. What you should think about is what you're washing with. Unless you're already using Method´s naturally derived, paraben-free, heavenly scented hand wash. In which case, feel free to give the next person you encounter a high five. You've earned it.

  • Naturally derived
  • Paraben free 
  • Triclosan-free
  • French Lavender

French Lavender. Is there really any other kind? This enchanting medley of lavender, bergamot, purple sage + chamomile is like a brief respite to the French countryside. Incidentally, to the exact coordinates where the sun always shines + all of your cleaning fantasies come true.

You don’t have to be anti-bacterial to be pro-clean. Soap’s job is to clean. Not kill. So why do so many brag about their 99.99% death rate? If microbes can’t take it, what makes you think your hands can? Method hand washes are Triclosan-free and as safe as they are stunning. And no one has to get hurt.

While antibacterial cleaners are popular they often contain harsh chemicals that are dangerous around children. And, if used excessively they may actually promote the development of super-bacteria that ordinary cleaners can't kill.

Method hand wash contains natural cleaners derived from coconut combined with natural moisturisers like aloe, vitamin E and glycerine to keep your hands smooth.

Hand wash should clean, moisturise and make your hands smell like heaven not irritate your skin. And that’s what Method hand wash does.

All Method bottles are recyclable. Please don't send them to the landfills - recycle after use.

Size: 354ml

Method Hand Wash - Ingredients
Water, sodium lauryl sulphate, cocamide dea, cocamidopropyl betaine, glycerin, aloe barbadensis gel, tocopheryl acetate, citric acid, sodium chloride, sodium citrate, benzophenone 4, methylchloroisothiazolinone, methylisothiazolinone, fragrance, colour.

Product code:  MSOAP


Reviews of Method Hand Wash - French Lavender 4.7 out of 5 (144 reviews)

product quality first class
I bought this for the first time to try and will be stocking up as it is really nice to use. The bottle looks nice too.
Lovely product, very kind to hands and can recommend it if you suffer from ***on the hands.
lavender soap is used in the kitchen, would recommend and the smell is wonderful
It's so nice, I am washing my hands way too much now!
Well received by work colleagues.
Nice smell
Lovely scent. Nice packaging
Just love it! It's the best!
Noting to add
best hand wash on the market
love it as it is kind to your hands but quite difficult to get hold of the various variety that is on offer
I've used this product before and found it very good
Use constantly - doesn't dry out your hands and smells great. Lasts longer than ordinary hand washes. Recommend to everyone.
Very good product for sensitive skin. It does not irritate my eczema and leaves hands soft.
Nice scent and nice bottle. Quality product and will recommend to everyone.
lovely fragrance and economical as very little needed to get hands clean
Excellent product
Absolutely love this brand. Love the product, love the packaging, love the companies ethics and the efficiency of the products.
Lovely smell and nice bottle.
Very pleasant - why no refill available?
Love the lavender smell and the shape of the bottle looks great too!
Great product and as always a lovely smell - makes the customer feel pampered!
Gentle and smells nice.
Bubbley, smooth, good cleaning power, great fragrance.
Love this product, the smell is superb
Doesn't dry out hands, I love the shape of the bottle and the Lavender smell is one of my favourites.
Pleasant hand wash.
It's ok, does the job and free of nasties
One of my favorites, smells awesome.
We love the smell and it never dry's our skin.
We use most of the method products in our clinic and are always complimented by our clients.
Nice scent and very cute packaging.
Smells gorgeous, cleans well without leaving my hands feeling dry and itchy
Smart bottle with lovely lightly scented hand wash , will use regularly
Great smell, lovely handwash
Love it.
Smells lovely and produces a very good lather.
I now use all method products. They work extremely well and are not bad for you. Which is a bonus!
nice bottle, great smell.
Lovely smell - have both fragrances. Shame the sticker leaves a small mark I can't shift with vinegar or anything as the bottles look so good in the bathroom!
Product not delivered.
Great product for the price. Does not dry skin.
Great smell and does the job!
Smashing soap
Lovely smelling soap
very nice smell (lavenda), I'm only not fully glad of the ingredients
love the smell. Lasts well
Smells brilliant.
Safe to use.
Great packaging.
Not tested on animals.
It works well! Really well!
Would recommend to anyone and everyone!
Easy to use, not messy, nice fragrance.
Good for the planet and great on our hands
I would recommend all method products. They definitely do what they say and I love the fresh clean smell
Love the scent and no nasty stuff in the ingredients
The best I have used for my sensitive skin.
have used this for quit a while, excellent product.
I bought this as I have just had a baby and am now washing my hands a lot! I have had very dry skin on my hands and was using washing up liquid to wash them in the kitchen as usual. Switching to this definitely helped. Smells and feels nice to use.
I use this in my bathroom. The appearance of the product is again very appealing and would look very good in any bathroom. I would recommend this product to all my family and friends.
Again an excellent product
I have used these soaps a couple of times, and wanted to try a different fragrance.
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!
I havent used product yet but I like the design of the bottle.
Great product, love it.,
My son has numerous skin allergies and this product causes him no problems. Lovely smell also.
Fantastic! I shall be buying loads of these to put in Christmas gift baskets!
You need to use very little to produce a nice rich lather. Skin feels cared for after use and I love the smell too.
Product fab ...
hooked on these handwashes..leaves your hands soft and clean.never looked forward to washing my hands so much.great quality and recommend to everyone
Being aware of the environment and the damage we are doing I try to use products which are environment friendly which I hope these are but like most environment friendly products they are more expensive than other products of the same type.
smells good, non toxic, nice bottle
Allergy suffering household these products really help reduce symptoms and they smell heavenly
This hand wash is great it leave my skin nice and soft! Great for the kids as well.
I bought this as a present. Very beautifully packaged
Gentle on my hands.
chemical free , lovely aroma , perfect for my home and family
Love the texture and smell of this,your hands feel really cleansed.
Lovely smell and leaves hands clean and soft. Not drying at all. Love the shape of the bottle.
Always stellar
Lovely smell and gorgeous to use I love it. Pretty bottle too
Smells lovely an leaves my hands clean but soft.
smells lovely
Good design, smells lovely. Too often my hands feel very tight after using hand cleaner, but this does not do that.
nice product, looks great
We all like this; family, my husband's carers and the community nurses.
Gentle yet leaves hands soft and clean. No allergies to product yet usually sensitive. Looks great in bathroom, very natural looking in shape and colour
new to me have only tried grapefruit but like the smell
No allergy problems with this product
Method Hand Wash is very nice. It's natural handwash. Good for my skin.
smells great! Just need a little to wash up.
Lovely smell, and good for the environment too. Method rules!
Love this hand wash - pink grapefruit is my favourite, love the smell and is as gentle as soap can be on my hands as I do wash them a lot. The children use it as well
I really like the cleansing properties and fragrance of this soap
Beautiful design, nice smell. The only thing I miss is a refill package!
Great packaging and a nice product inside.
nice smell
Love the smell. Looks lovely in bathroom
Smells great and no parabens. Excellent.
I've been using the handwash for a while - very nice.
Pleasant and effective.
We keep this in our kitchen. It works very well and smells lovely.
Love the pink grapefruit smell
Bought this as I like the Method range of products.Haven't used it yet but I'm sure it will be fine. Nice shape bottle to go in the bathroom. Just wish a similar standard product made in Britain was available.
Lovely smelling product but I won't use it too often as it contains SLSs.
first time purchase - lovely smell
Kind to hands and environment, what more could you ask for
I use the method handwash in my kitchen and it looks good and feels great
A lovely product. Highly recommend to others. Smells great and does what it is supposed to do
smells lovely and is gentle on my hands
excellent quality for price
I've bought this before. It smells beautiful and washes my hands well.
Very nice, great packaging like all method products.
Love this product, gorgeous smell, does not dry out your hands. Constantly being used in bathroom. Have already recommended to a friend.
Love the fragrence. The only problem for me is that the bottle doesn't find into the bottle tray (lots of children, lots of spills so a tray make things easier to clean!).
the smell is very nice, but it does not leave my hands soft...
Don't like it at all - don't like the smell
definately wouldn't buy again!
Smells lovely and fresh and the bottle has a nice up to date look. Lathers well and does not dry the skin.
Great product - nice smelling, does a good job and kind to the environment - what more could you ask for.
Does its job well and the smell (pink grapefruit) is beautiful. I'm in fear of washing my hands too much!
This product smells divine and does not dry my hands, unlike some products available in the supermarket.Great choice of "scents".
Love that the Method products are natural and they smell great too.
Good thing to have
Fab product
having tried many products over the years I find
all method products to be the best especialy the glass cleaner
great handwash smells lovely 5 *****
very good
I am suing this since few years - will not change to other products.
Good quality and a nice grapefruit aroma.
great smell and non greasy
This is the best handwash I have ever found for sensitive skin and comes in a bottle that you are proud to display too!
Very good for people with skin problems
Lovely smelling and effective plus nice looking simple dispenser.
Great, nice on the hands too
Nice cucumbery smell - but not too strong
A good long lasting produce I would recommend to anyone
The bottle is just so classy and looks brilliant on my sink. The soap is gently and leaves the hands smelling fresh and feeling soft and clean
have recommended to friends and family
Great product doesn't dry our hands like a lot of other soaps
I ordered the waterfall fragrance, which is beautiful and fresh. The bottle looks great too.
Heaven in a bottle
Liked the container and the hand wash was very good.
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