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Ever feel like certain people using your toilet could use a little…coaching? Practice? Aim? Set this hardworking package of wipes nearby, and you (or ahem, he) can wipe and flush at any moment for an instant clean. Great for clean-ups all over the bathroom including sinks, countertops, taps and tiles.

Method bathroom wipes are made from natural, biodegradable fibers, so they're non-toxic and safe for any hard surface.

Thank the trees for these wipes – they are made with the pulp of very generous trees, from renewably harvested woods, of course. The cleaning solution in the wipes comes from plants and minerals.

Convenient to use, these non-toxic flushable wipes are quietly powerful and won’t irritate your skin. Leaving your home clean and safe so no one gets hurt and everyone is happy.

These wipes are grateful – they will accept almost any future. They are biodegradable so you can choose to flush, compost or just put them in the recycling bin.

Method Bathroom Flushable Wipes - Ingredients
Naturally derived and biodegradable surfactant blend, corn alcohol, biodegradable solvent, fragrance oil blend, preservative (under 0.1%), purified water.

Size: 28 wipes

Product code:  MFLUSHWIPES


Reviews of Method Flushable Wipes 4.8 out of 5 (106 reviews)

Like the idea these are flushable. Like them so far. Pleasant aroma.
Great they are flushable, did not do much for a post shaved in sink though. Fine for cleaning the toilet.
Big fan of method.Would be nice to have them in a box as the top gets left open and they dry out.My daughter and I always order together to get a cheaper price.
These are brilliant for a good quick clean of the loo seat and surround. They don't leave any smeary marks either!
Love these wipes, they are large and strong, have a good fragrance and can be flushed away. I use them mainly for cleaning the toilet but they're also handy for wiping up toothpaste or other spills.
Fantastic product - handy and 'clean'.
Handy for quick clean up.
The easiest way to keep your toilet clean and freesh.
Method products are fantastic - I buy all of their cleaning stuff now.
Great for cleaning the bathroom, I like all method products as no nasties in them and good quality product
I love these wipes. I use them all over my home not just the bathroom. Great for cleaning phones and light switches etc...
not tried them yet but giving a five star as all the products I have used are great
Like the product although wish there were a few more in the pack. Also, they could do with being a little thicker as they sometimes tear. Use this product several times a week and would recommend to friends and family.
Love all Method products
Big wipes that smell great. They leave everything sparkling.
Very good quality, natural product with a fantastic aroma... and works very efficiently. Although, they are quite delicate and do tear quite easily, you just need to be a bit careful getting them out of the packet. Flush away easily.
Smells lovely and effective in the bathroom.
love these wipes - quick easy to use & best of all flushable
Excellent product
Great for quick bathroom clean ups - especially after little boys.
Really effective and easy to use.
Brilliant! Like all Method products - works effectively and smells great!
perfect solution
Nice odour - not horrid chemical smell
Great product easy to use, smells fantastic and does a great job
Wish there were more in the pack as it works out to be expensive. I can only clean one area (the sink or toilet or bath etc) before the wipe starts to fall apart so you may get through them quickly depending what you're cleaning. They smell fresh, and work well. It's good they are flushable and I would buy them again, but I use them frugally!
I use the wipes daily to freshen the toilets, lovely smell.
Works well not chemical smelling
General bathroom wipes when time is short!
Excellent quality.
I love these wipes. Ive been using them for years and they are very handy around the bathroom for keeping all your surfaces neat and tidy. Very useful and they have a lovely fresh smell.
Great wipes fir cleaning bathroom surfaces. I hate the hassle of using a cleaner on the toilet I have to scrub and rinse. These wipes make an unpleasant job easier and I'm confident they're doing a good job of cleaning.
fantastic product. Every day I use one wipe & clean my mirror, basin & toilet, it take 2 minutes & means the bathroom is always ready for any guests to use. I love these wipes, no harsh chemicals to irritate my skin & flushable too!!
Great to know they are biodegradable
Smell good, the first one ripped as I pulled it from the packet, I think because they're flushable they have to be treated a bit more gently, otherwise work well.
Smells brilliant.
Safe to use.
Not tested on animals.
They work well! Really well!
Would recommend to anyone and everyone!
I like these wipes as we have a sceptic tank and it is nice to know that these are flushable. The only thing is they do dry out quickly once opened, but I dampen them with a bit of water and then they are OK
always use these wipes for the loo very quick and easy and flushable
quality excellent use for round the sink and the loo seat.
I would recommend all method products. They definitely do what they say and I love the fresh clean smell
Easy to use and natural product
I use these all round the house, they are a safe versatile wipe.
Useful for quick bathroom cleaning, OK scent.
Best thing ever for cleaning the bathroom. I don't mind paying extra for these wipes because they smell heavenly and spa like and have not been tested on animals. No other flushable wipes smell this good.
I would still not flush these as we have a septic tank but they appear to do what they are supposed to do.
great for a quick clean up,the quality is great and leaves a lovely smell and really clean too.recommend this to everyone
Allergy suffering household these products really help reduce symptoms and they smell heavenly
I love method, on most things i have tried, (8 or so of their products) These wipes are a must, perfect for a house with kids as it is easy for them and me to clean up quickly, really nice frangance, and I know some people may feel a regular cloth is good. I think this is much more hygienic, as you simply clean the loo and base and close surrounding floor, and throw away. I use two wipes if i'm doing this properly.. and then don't have to suffer the dreaded 'bathroom' cloth..
used in the bathroom - good and eco!
Pleasant smell, do what they are supposed to do, not tested on animals. Ticks all the boxes for me.
These wipes are brilliant for a quick clean in the bathroom between full bathroom clean days using all the other method cleaning products :o)
handy and leaves a fresh smell
Excellent for those mishaps as my husband is disabled. Leaves lovely frsgrance and is flushsable which is great.
So quick and easy to use - bring bathroom tiles up a treat!

Oh and as with all other Method products - Hmmmm Yum! they smell fantastic! :)
Good quality, great scent, quick and easy clean for the loo, doesn't tear while using it so you only need to use one.
firsty time of usinh these very good.
Ok but think I will stick with Method Sprays
Like the scent, and wetness of these, but tends to stick to itself and form into a ball easily, difficult for larger areas
Only get 28 wipes to a pack so will need to order more but highly effective and would recommend.
Great smell - I don't flush them because we have home sewage system and I'm paranoid about what goes in there but I use these as disposable cloths for quick clean ups.
Good quality
only criticism is that the pack dries out very quickly once opened.
Clean around loo, but also clean other surfaces in bathroom.
Very handy wipes, good to know they are biodegradable and not toxic...will order again.
v good
work a treat - love them
Excellent product. Good cleaning, stay moist for long enough, used for cleaning of bathrooms and toilets and cat mess on the wooden or laminate floors. Nice fresh smelling.
Very handy for a quick clean up and they don't seem to block drains. Bigger than the other brands so you don't use as many.
These are such a brilliant idea and are a hygienic too. Would definitely recommend. It makes being environmentally friendly simple.
Nice to have a product that doesn't take my skin off
A fast and easy way to a squeaky clean loo!
These did the job well. They were more moist than other brands which appear too dry. Nice and hygienic with being able to flush them.
Lovely fresh fragrance. A strange thing to say but I love using them!
cleans great
Excellent that they smell nice and are flushable.
Method products are kind to people and to the environment - and they work! These are great for cleaning in bathroom areas, with easy disposal in an eco-friendly way.
Very useful
Have a septic tank so these are perfect.Smell nice,bigger than other wipes and do a great job.
Ceased to be able to get them locally so got them off internet because we rate them so well
Handy for a quick clean up!
They are excellent, cleaning all round the bathroom.
Wow...!! So handy!!
These are so handy to have in bathroom
very useful and flushable
Love that the Method products are natural and they smell great too. These are great when you're in a rush but need to give the bathroom a once over.
Excellent - simple and hygienic - great for a quick clean around.
Recommend to all - especially as Method are BUAV approved ie nothing is tested on animals and neither do their products contain animal ingredients.
These wipes are a must for any home,not flimsy like a lot of these wipes,and they smell really fresh
Pleased to find these as I was always concerned that the wipes I used to buy might contain "dodgy" chemicals.
love them so much!!! smells so clean and fresh
Used as daily "tidy-up" of toilet seat!
good product - avoids messing around with kitchen roll.
As above, due to my medical conditions but also using the wipes for the toilets means that I dont have dirty cloths lying around that have been used to clean them. Knowing they are safe to flush away is very good as well.
I use a few of these every other day in our bathroom - a couple for toilet's seat and surfaces, and another to remove dust and lint from bathroom shelf and around sink taps. Quick and easy!
Love these and always have used them they smell amazing and clean well, very handy.
Excellant product.
Use around loo and sometimes for kitchen bins. Good results Like that they flush.
worked well and it's nice to know it will biodegrade and suits septic tanks which I have.
Excellent and convenient for cleaning up in the bathroom / loo and general spills, smell good too.
Great - gentle but do the job and totally flushable - bonus!
Great product so handy at the side of the toilet for a quick clean without having to feel guilty about flushing them. They clean great and leave no residue
Method do a good range of products. Have used for some time now and have no complaints.
Excellent for a quick, efficient, great smelling, convenient clean.
Am addicted to them. Makes cleaning the bathroom so easy.
These wipes are so handy with three young children and a young at heart husband. When you don't have time for a complete clean and you just need a quickie, these wipes are perfect!
This is particularly useful as there is a two year old grandson who is still learning how to aim straight down!! (Need I say more?) His mother will be getting a present of these wipes!
Clean fresh smell anfd effiecient wipes
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