As a drought looms perhaps it’s time to have our own ‘Fix a Leak Week’

As the country faces drought conditions and hosepipe bans are introduced by seven of the major water companies perhaps we can take a tip from America to help save water and organise a ‘Fix a Leak Week’.

Fix a Leak Week took place from March 12 to 18 and was organised by WaterSense, a programme created through the Environmental Protection Agency with the aim of "providing people with easy and identifiable ways to conserve water."

An average American household can waste more than 10,000 gallons of water a year through dripping taps, running toilets and other household leaks. This adds up to a staggering one trillion gallons of leaked water every year!

And so Fix a Leak Week was born. And now it’s four years old. Events are organised all over the country and practical help is offered too, with companies offering low-income households water efficient showerheads and tap aerators.

Lisa P. Jackson, an EPA administrator, said: "Across the country, household leaks add up to more than one trillion gallons of water annually.

"The amount we’re losing could supply Los Angeles, Chicago and Miami for a full year. We’re not just losing water, we’re also losing the money our communities put into keeping our water clean and healthy.

"That’s why Fix a Leak Week is so important, and why we encourage everyone to take a few simple steps that can add up to have a significant positive impact."

Well done America! Can you come over here now and fix our drought please?

[Image: OzeFroze]

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