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Save energy for Earth Day

It was Earth Day on Sunday and all over the world people made their commitment to carry out an "Act of Green".

The aim? To get a billion people around the world to commit one act that can help save the planet.

It might be cycling to work, or planting a tree, or taking a shower instead of a bath, or recycling as much waste as you can (or dressing up as an owl and high-fiving a child like this person did for Earth Day in 2009).

Just because Earth Day was two days ago, don’t use that as an excuse; it’s never too late to visit the Earth Day website and make your pledge to commit a green act and reach the target of "a billion acts of green".

Earth Day first took place in 1970, spurring 20 million Americans into action. Now the Earth Day Network (EDN) works with over 22,000 partners in 192 countries, with more than one billion people participating. Earth Day can now lay claim to being "the largest civic observance in the world."

In America, the Alliance to Save Energy is asking people to honour Earth Day by following its "Top Ten Home Tips", pointing out that they will not only help save energy, helping ‘green’ the planet, but also save money; in other words "keeping more ‘green’ in your wallet!"

Some of the tips are a little too American for our tastes. I doubt many of us have furnaces, so changing its filter regularly doesn’t really apply over here. However, we can certainly make sure our homes are properly insulated, we can turn off lights and appliances when not in use, and we can use energy saving light bulbs too.

And, as more of the country faces an official drought, we can save water by using aerated taps and shower heads (or faucets, if you want to stick with the American vibe).

Whatever you do, why not visit the website and pledge your green act and be one in a billion!

[Image: U.S. Army Environmental Command)

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