New iPhone game shows energy saving can be fun!

A new free app for iPhones has been launched to help us save energy and have fun at the same time.

We all know it makes sense to save energy - not just for the planet and our future, but also for our pockets.

But at times it can be a bit overwhelming as we find ourselves bombarded with harsh facts and dry literature. Why can’t energy saving be more fun?

Well, now it can be, with JouleBug, a game where a friendly bug encourages you to learn energy-saving habits and then rewards you with points, pins and badges the more you save. Why not take the bicycle instead of the car and earn yourself a bicycle badge! It’s a bit like being back in the Scouts and Guides but without the embarrassing uniform.

The app even learns your habits over time and then encourages you to aim for new badges, giving you a higher score and the chance to outdo your friends. And that’s easy too as JouleBug can be played through Facebook and Twitter.

If you don’t have an iPhone don’t worry. JouleBug will soon be available on Android phones too. However, if you’re truly old school, if you’re so eco-friendly you use a pigeon to communicate - well, sorry, no app for you!

(Image: wOOkie)

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