Raising a green baby - some top tips

If you’re stocking up with all the best natural baby products, you might be looking for some other green parenting tips. 

The Hippy Shopper website has been looking at how to raise green babies with some eco-friendly advice.

“With global warming, food shortages and impendent doom looming, chances are the world as we know it will be a distant memory in not too long unless we do something drastic pretty soon,” says the website.

“In order to have a future we need the future citizens of the earth. Enter the 'Green Baby'.”

The first tip is to look at your child’s clothing – use hand-me-downs, or your local charity shop to cut down on the carbon impact of clothing your little one. 

Another great tip is breastfeeding, if you can – it’s good for your baby and it’s good for the planet. 

Once your baby’s eating food, try to stick to seasonal fruit and veg, says the site. That way you’re not reliant on energy-guzzling greenhouses and food that’s been shipped half-way across the globe.

The website also advises you to start your child's environmental education early. 

“Talk to them about the importance of a low carbon lifestyle and explain why you think this way,” says the Hippy Shopper. 

“They will grow up to follow your example and will pass the message on to their friends and their own children.”
[Image: Nina Matthews Photography] 

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