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Shower product ingredients may react harmfully with chlorine

Natural shower productsA new study suggests we shouldn't just research the ingredients of our bath and shower products, but consider how they react with the chlorine in our water as well.

Avoiding known carcinogens and toxic chemicals in soaps, shampoos and conditioners may not be enough to keep your cleansing routine healthy, according to the President's Cancer Panel, an American organisation which reports to the US President each quarter on developments in the field of cancer research.

Even innocuous chemicals can react with the chlorine in our shower water to become toxic, says the panel.

"Most people know they should be filtering drinking water, but they don’t always realize if they don’t want to drink unfiltered water, they might not want to shower in it, either,” Todd Bartee, CEO of Aquasana, a leader in the home water-filtration industry, told He suggests a chlorine filter for your shower.

As for the products you're using, plant-based natural soaps, like certified-organic Dr. Bronner’s, are always the safest bet and should not have a harmful reaction with chlorine. Avoid shampoos and soaps that are artificially scented by steering clear of vague ingredients like "fragrance," "parfum," and "linalol".

The fewer ingredients in a product the better. By educating yourself as a consumer and filtering your shower water you can cut down on the carcinogenic chemicals you're exposing to your body.



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