Aries Mottlock Moth Traps

Aries Mottlock Moth Traps

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(£1.34 each)

Delivery FAQ »

(£1.34 each)

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Non-toxic treatment for food moths. Better result with pheromone bait.

  • Non-toxic treatment for food moths
  • Better results with pheromone bait
  • Monitoring system for kitchen and pantry

These non-toxic adhesive traps are ready for use as soon as the protective film is removed. The pheromone bait (sexual scent of the femal moths) attracts the males. They are then trapped on the sticky surface of the strip and the moth population is constanly reduced.


Place or hang where moths appear or are suspected.

Effective for approx. 8 weeks.

About food moths

Members of the butterfly family, food moths have a wingspan of approximately 25mm. The front wings of the Mediterranean Flour Moth are striped blue-grey or brown-grey, where those of the Indian Meal Moth are a patterned copper-red. Female moths lay around 200 eggs and it is the grubs which emerge from these which cause the damage.

They eat food and contaminate it with their cocons and excrement. After eating their fill, they pupate and develop into new moths. These seek partners to breed with and so begin the cycle again.

There are typically between 2 and 4 generations of moths a year.

Product code:  MOTTTRAPS

Reviews of Aries Mottlock Moth Traps 5.0 out of 5 (1 review)

The only product i found that works for moths, not for the kitchen as it's intended but for the wardrobe. No smell and easy to stick on.
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