Bio-D Fragrance Free Fabric Conditioner 5L

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(£2.71 per litre)

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(£2.71 per litre)

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Bio-D concentrated fabric conditioner is a versatile, concentrated Fabric Conditioner for use in Automatics, Twin-tubs and for condtioning delicate fabrics by hand. Comes in a recyclable and refillable HDPE bottle.

  • Made in the UK
  • Sustainable, naturally derived raw materials
  • No petrochemicals, phosphates, preservatives, enzymes or synthetic perfumes
  • Hypoallergenic, suitable for sensitive skin
  • BUAV and Vegan Society Approved
  • Allergy UK Endorsed
  • Safe for septic tanks and cess pits
  • Readily biodegradable - bottle is HDPE 100% Recyclable and cap is PP 100% recyclable
  • Recycled and recyclable packaging
  • Fragrance free
  • Protects fibres, leaves laundry soft and static free
  • Makes ironing easier
  • 110 washes

Bio-D Fragrance Free Fabric Conditioner 5L is part of the range of Bio-D 5L products. Bulk buy your favourite Bio-D products and reduce plastic waste with the Bio-D 5L refills range, or explore the full range of popular Bio-D products, including natural household cleaning productseco laundry productsBio-D hand wash and more, available from Big Green Smile.

How to use:  

Automatics: Follow manufacturer’s recommended programme, adding 50ml of Conditioner to the machine dispenser. Twin Tubs: Add 50ml of Conditioner to a 1L jug of water, pour over the wash and spin. Hand Rinse: Add 50ml of Conditioner to a 1L jug od water and pour over the wash. Allow to soak before rinsing thoroughly in clean water.

Ingredients Below 5%: Cationic Surfactant, Sodium Benzoate, Citric Acid
Contents: 5L
Product code:  BDFAB5

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Reviews of Bio-D Fragrance Free Fabric Condition... 4.7 out of 5 (68 reviews)

Soft clothes with no false chemical smells
I was a bit apprehensive as have bad reactions to fabric softener but this is lovely 😊 thank you
This is why we buy it!
I am allergic to perfume so this product is excellent. The clothes come out really soft. I will definitely be buying again when needed.
Smells great and really softens my clothes
Great product
this seemed good - great if you don't want a smell.. however, i added some occasionally.
Verry good
Does the job. Good if you don't want the artificial scents of other conditioner products. Good for septic tanks.
Great product
Superb quality
Have been using this for years without any complaints.
Use this for everyday and I notice when I forget.
I use this in all my washing as I have a skin problem which means I can't use any thing with perfum in.
Good product - highly recommended
I've been using this for a while now, fab eco friendly softener
I use one cup conditioner and a cup of laundry liquid. Since it’s fragrance free I can mix with any other laundry liquid I like. Really pleased and 5 litre saves me shopping time and unnecessary package wasting.
After complaints the towels were hard/stiff after drying on the washing line, this product does a reasonable job of remedying that.
It's ok but don't feel it makes my clothes softer. Maybe it's because I'm used to Lenor & that type of product.
Used as family have young children with allergies & we like to use products that are fragrance free & eco friendly.
Provides a good softness without the fake soft feel. Does not irritate my son's eczema prone skin.
I add essential oil to perfume the conditioner and use it in every wash. The quality is great.
It is now part of my daily wash and would recommend anyone with sensitive skin or allergic to strong perfumes will love this
We wash towels here at our Osteopathy practice - they come out of the wash nice and soft.
Effective use and non pungent.
Love the 5L option, with a large family it’s a relief to not have to buy so frequently and with less packaging it’s a better option for the environment.
I've started to use this product recently, as they are very close to where I live and recently saw a very good report on them, on the local TV news. It also cuts down the road miles travelled. I like the product too because it leaves no overpowering odour on the washing.
Adds a slight fragrance to washing but not overpowering as normal products
Leaves clothes soft and had not aggravated my children's skin.
This is fabric conditioner. Don't really know what its for but I put in the washing machine. You probably know better than me who its for.
Great value
Excellent product for my washing machine as I'm chemically sensitive. All the family love it and it is a good price.
I love this fabric softener. it works and doesn't cause irritation
Good value no perfume avoids skin reactions
seems to work well, neutral smell
Always top quality.
Good conditioner, no sticky feel on fabrics. Best value for money anywhere.
I was looking for a replacement for my usual Eco-friendly fabric conditioner which is no longer available and was attracted to this as it was unfragranced; I find many others too strongly fragranced and I'm not a fan of overly floral smells. It is great,our clothes are soft and well cared for.
I have not used yet but pleased I was able to buy a fragrance free, chemical free fabric conditioner
Great value for money, and being scentless gives you the option to add your own (essential oils, etc.) to taste.
Product works well as use about 30ml per wash but a little more seems to work better depending upon size of load. Clothes always feel great though.
Great for my whole family hardly any fragrance fab
We use this at home as it is kinder to the skin and the environment as well as being more economical when buying in bulk.
I use it for the whole family. We have sensitive skin. No smell which suits us. No damage to our septic tank. Softens the clothes.

Can't say whether its good or bad as we have not tried yet. Hoping that the reviews I have read are accurate. In which case its good.
This softener is easy to use and it has a pleasant gentle smell. It is not a thick liquid which mesns it doesn't leave a sticky residue is the dispenser drawer
Good quality, excellent value.
Very good product
Very good. Suffer from allergies and this helps
Only used once since delivery - happy with results
This is used in a washing machine for all my clothes and towels as I am allergic to most shop bought products. It doesn't leave residues like some sensitive products but would benefit from greater softening capacity. I haven't found anything better yet though.
Best conditioner on the market, and I don't work for Bio D! All their products are first class, my first choice in green household products
Love this product, neutral smell, and one of the best natural fabric conditioners I have purchased
I like it because it is unscented, yet softens clothes well.
V good
good product but wish it was scented.
Used every week, great product as I have sensitive skin
Once decanted into a smaller bottle it is easy to use, used for a while now, this is my default choice of softener, would recommend. Clothes are clean, soft, and odour free.
Works well
I find this effective and good for my family's skin.
Definatley recommend this, makes clothes feel soft although leaves no aroma which is fine for me.Ideal for sensitive skin and assuring to know this product has no harsh chemical and causes no enviromental impact, no animal testing and vegan friendly. Only a small amount is needed with each wash so good value for money.
Decent results from this product at low usage.
Quality of the bio-d is better than some other eco-friendly products but its a shame they don't make their products smell nice. I add a few drops of essential oil to overcome this. Good value.
Use it twice a week for all laudry.
Happy with the quality, anybody can use it
Great for people with alergies. I can't use highly perfumed products as sets off my asthma. Also for hubby who suffers from skin problems.
Have been using this for a year or more now, no complaints.
Good fabric softener.
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