Ecozone Daylight Biobulb 20W (60W Equivalent) Bayonet Fit

Ecozone Daylight Biobulb 20W (60W Equivalent) Bayonet Fit

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Normally £9.99
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Normally £9.99
Now only £5.99

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The BioBulb™ is a full spectrum daylight bulb that uses 75% less energy than a standard light bulb.

The BioBulb 60w bulb actually only uses 20w of electricity but is brighter than an ordinary 60w light bulb, putting out a massive 1600 lumens. And the Biobulb closely replicates daylight, which may improve mood, nighttime sleep and daytime energy. Anyone who hates the short winter days and longs for summer may find a Biobulb's flicker-free white light helps to restore their natural equilibrium.

Biobulbs are ideal for reading and most pleasing to the eye. They are particularly suitable for people with age-related macular degeneration, as the quality of light makes reading easier. A BioBulb daylight bulb also radiates less heat than a standard bulb and lasts around 10,000 hours, or seven years.

One hour spent in the presence of three 60w BioBulbs gives the same benefits as an expensive 3000 Lux light box.

Length 60w 13.5cm, 60w 12.5cm. Colour rendering index of 85. Flicker free, radiating the full specctrum (380nm - 780nm).

Biobulb – the energy-saving, full-spectrum daylight bulb.

Product code:  BIOBULBBAYONET60

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Reviews of Ecozone Daylight Biobulb 20W (60W Equ... 4.6 out of 5 (13 reviews)

I love the bright light this bulb emits but I dislike the shape
Good product
This was a little pricey but I am extremely pleased with the effect of the daylight bulb.
The window in my bathroom is quite small which has always caused the room to be rather dark.
We now have a wonderful feeling of daylight and it's great.
Really pleased I got this; used in a table lamp and the light is just right.
Lovely and bright, but found the light a little cool and blue for general use. Would be best used in a lamp used specifically for reading or craftwork.
would recommend to environmentally aware types and those needing better
reading light
Purchase one for myself and another for my dad. Both feeling the winter blues! Great product which brightens the whole room.
The daylight bulbs are amazing especially during the winter months. I suffer with SAD & these bulbs help me so much.
No more struggling to read the daily paper or books. Really pleased with this bulb
Wow, bright and white!
Recommended for anyone suffering from AMD or generally poor eyesight in bedrooms.
Daylight bulb is quite a shock when initially turned on as its a big change from the colour of our previous bulbs, but after a while it feels really nice, like sitting in a well sunlit room.
Good light for close work and reading. This bulb especially suits migraine sufferers or anyone who dislikes the flickering of other lighting.
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