Ecozone Forever Flush Toilet Block 2000 - Blue

Ecozone Forever Flush Toilet Block 2000 - Blue

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Normally £6.99
Now only £4.68
(£4.93 per 100g)

Delivery FAQ »

Normally £6.99
Now only £4.68
(£4.93 per 100g)

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Simply pop the small jar into the cistern where Forever Flush toilet block will continue to work effectively for up to 2000 flushes, helping to prevent stains and limescale. The blue water indicates the toilet bowl is sanitary, stain free and deodorised.

  • Up to 2000 flushes!
  • Non-toxic
  • Biodegradable
  • Safe for septic tanks.

How to use

1. Start with a clean toilet bowl. Flush the toilet. Place the jar inside the cistern.

2. Please allow up to 7 days for the product to be fully activated

Ingredients Sodium Sulphate Anhydrous, Sodium Hydroxide, Coco Alkyl Diethanolamides, Water
Contents: 95g

Reviews of Ecozone Forever Flush Toilet Block 20... 4.4 out of 5 (40 reviews)

Fine....keeps ** fresh....
I like the way it is a fairly subtle product that is not vibrant and overly frothy in the loo bowl yet it is definitely there doing its job. Recommend.
Neither one thing or another ; rather insipid pale blue at best although in another lavatory a very strong colour ! Not sure it really does anything , a good clean round every day with lavatory cleaner does not !
The product is excellent. I do not yet know if it lasts as long as it states but if it does I would happily recommend it toanyone
Like it
Can be a bit unpredictable in that, for one flush it releases just the right amount of blue stuff, and the next lush the loo water is BRIGHT blue!
I use these in both my toilets and have used them for over a year. they are effective and it's so good to know they are harmless when flushed away.
Took a few days to get going but now keeps the loo looking clean and fresh and I don't have to think about buying a plastic rim block for a while.
Seems to be consolidated and is not dissipating into toilet
Keeps the toilet clean and has a v mild, pleasant smell.
In the loo.
Good so far. Waiting for a bit longer before giving final opinion.
Works very well, leaves toilet clean and shiny after each flush. No nasty chemicals polluting the water system.
No comment
This product surely has to be the future for toilet blocks. Does a great job. Nice aroma and am sure it lasts longer than the 2000 flushes it advertises. Top marks for this.
Does turn the toilet blue but does it do anything else? Not sure yet but it doesn't smell unpleasant.
Having the desired effect so far!
Good for use with our septic tank, has made a big difference
Excellent product without the usual bleach and various chemicals.
Price was good ordered enough to qualify for free postage delivery was spot on
Lasts for ages, smells fresh, good value compared to the usual in cistern blocks which barely last a week.
I recently bought a second one for a separate loo as I was pleased with the first one I bought. It seems to be lasting well. It has no horrid chemical smell and keeps the bowl clean.
Just started using this. Like the blue colour, and it appears to be unscented and free from volatile chemicals so perfect for my asthma.
new purchase - seems to work well - will see what it does going through the treatment plant!
This product works as well as the regular stuff but it's eco friendly so much better by far.
Firt time to use, has not (yet) removed limescale but happy to leave to see results over time.
Pleasant smell, too early to tell hoe effective.
Smells good and keeps the toilet very clean.
lasts for ages
Can be fitted into a fairly small cistern.
Lovely smell and appears to be keeping toilet bowl very clean
last ages
Jury out still on this one. waiting to see if it does reduce cleaning of the loo in which case is a good buy. You put it in the cistern and leave to work every flush and is eco friendly
the on is giving a good amount of blue frothy cleaner, the other is not.
Very effective.
Seems a bit hit and miss as to whether they make the water blue.......
This product seems to be working very well. I live in a soft-water area, but there is a lot of discoloration in the bowl from the mineral content of the water.
I eventually found what I had been looking for.

Easy to install straight from the wrapping.
The Toilet Block 2000 works superbly.
Early days with this product too soon to rate it .
Good solid product. Lasts well and does what it says on the packet!
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