Method Laundry Refill (85 washes)

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Method Laundry Refill - Fresh Air

Method's patent-pending smartclean technology™ uses an ultra concentrated plant-based formula that delivers big cleaning power with just a few tiny squirts.

  • Targets dirt and stains for beautifully clean clothes.
  • Biodegradable, 95% plant-based formula
  • 70% less detergent, water & plastics per load than 2x concentrates
  • Washes at 30 degrees
  • Smells like heaven

Method's high-powered formula is readily biodegradable, and is made using 95% natural and renewable ingredients. Thanks to their ultra concentrated formula (it’s 6x concentrated!), Method's bottle uses over 36% less plastic compared to traditional 2x detergent and is made from 50% recycled plastic (PCR for those in the know) overall, it has a 35% lower carbon footprint than conventional detergents (calculated per load from cradle to gate using planetmetrics ™ rapid carbon modeling software).

The result? Like other Method home cleaning products, it’s recognized by the US EPA’s DfE (Design for the Environment) program for its safer chemistry.

(Does 85 washes)

How to use: doseage:

4 pumps – 12ml = 1 wash

Standard load - soft/medium water area- 4 pumps  = 12ml
Standard load - hard water area = 5 pumps = 15ml

For a more soiled load 
soft/medium water area - 5 pumps  = 15ml
hard water area -6 pumps = 18ml

Liquid can be placed in the draw dispenser or directly into the machine.

Ingredients Natural alcohol ethoxylates, coco methyl ester + sulfonate , secondary alkane sulfonate, MIPA lactate, Alcohol, vegetable glycerin, purified water, calcium chloride, dipropylene glycol monomethyl ether, glycerine carbonate, protease, amylase, cellulose, carboxylate polyester, sodium distyrylbiphenol disulfonate, fragrance oil blend.
Contents: 1020ml
Product code:  MLAUNDREFILL

Reviews of Method Laundry Refill (85 washes) 4.9 out of 5 (203 reviews)

Excellent cleaning with a fresh scent
Fabulous detergent and what’s best is it’s the most eco friendly detergent out there. Clothes smell great and the great scent lasts.
I like it. Does not work on every stain though. But that's okay. I definitly reduced the use of 'normal' washing powder. 7-8 out of 10 loads are done with Method... Extremly economical!
Repeated purchase. Love the smell. Love the efficiency. Using 5 pumps in very hard water area. Good results comparing with other eco laundry liquids.
Lovely smell and great results
Like this best of all washing products
Great price and product
Really like this but didn’t realise it’s not for the bottle I already had and I’m still not sure which bottle it would go in as I wasn’t able to find it in your site. Lovely fresh smell and goes along way. I’ve not reviewed the others as not yet used.
works very well and I appreciate the fact that refills are available. Not sure why there needs to be that rigid plastic rod in the refill bag, but have recycled it as well.
Same as for the Bio-D
Takes up very little space, lasts for ages. Clean sweet-smelling clothes
Economical way of buying this product, smells great, clothes always clean and okay for sensitive skin. Good for the environment.
I love this product. It cleans well and I do not need to use a softener. It’s economical and it leaves the clothes selling fresh.
Love the low level packaging. Cleans the clothes great. Doesn’t get clothes quite as bright as the bio picture of Utd my mum uses, but a small price to pay for keeping the kids skin healthy.
It works and it smells nice.
Great product have never had to rewatch badly spilled clothes
use it all the time
Love Method products. I never use anything else :)
Didn’t realise you need the original bottle so not sure how much to use. - bottle says 8x concentrate. This says 6x ??
Makes good sense to buy the refill. Great idea.
Good laundry wash and great refill option
Good laundry liquid
Saves on plastic! Would recommend to everyone, nothing to fault!
love the smell of this and gentle on the skin
Excellent saves waste
Great smell, great washing power, ecological, not tested on animals. Already bought twice and will stick to this wsshing detergant.
I have laundry everyday! This is a wonderful product for keeping the washing fresh and very clean. It has a lovely light aroma and I have recommended it to family and friends.
A very good result from a small amount of liquid
I recommend
Good results.
Great product.
I have used his for my laundry for a couple of years. It works well and the refills mean I can reduce the number of plastic bottles I buy and recycle.
I've been using the product for a couple of years now and always buy my refills from Big Green Smile . Both service and product are really convenient and the refills help to reduce packaging waste.
Method Laundry washes well.
Great refil for a really good, natural product
Nice price refill
The only laundry detergent I will now use. Eco friendly, economical, skin friendly, smells wonderful, and gets the laundry clean. I have two family members with severe eczema and this suits their skin.
Easy to use
smells divine
I have used Method laundry liquid refills for years, but is now difficult to buy in supermarkets
We love Method. The laundry refill is economical and gets our whites white at low temps.
Best laundry product I've tried and refill is excellent idea.
I only buy Method household products. I can trust that there are no nasty chemicals, they do the job they're intended for and I don't have a zillion products cluttering up my cupboards. It simplifies my life - who wants to spend their life thinking about cleaning products?
Very good
Is very convenient
Have been using this a few years now, and love the scent and that it's so concentrated. Good value.
I specifically want environmentally kind products and have no problem with this product.I like the fact that its concentrated. The smaller dispenser with the spray is utterly useless & wastes the product So I use straight from the larger bag.
I will never buy another laundry gel as long as this one is being made! Fantastic quality and value for money. You only need a few squirts for a large load, the scent is lovely and subtle, very kind to my allergy prone skin.
The best laundry liquid I have used. Gets stains out better than ***!
Have moved on to using this laundry refill after first seeing it on Big Green Smile and just won't go back. It lasts me ages, smells nice and always gets the washing clean. Takes up much less space under my cupboard, is non-toxic and does its job, so as far as I am concerned this is a winning product.
This works on nappies, grubby kids clothes, and our adult clothes. Top tip, a cold rinse first works wonders!
Good idea to be able to refill.
Fresh smell and cleans clothes well. Lasts longer than other liquid washes.
Amazing special offer, I won't need to buy any laundry liquid for about a year!
I've been surprised by how well this product works! Gets all manner of stains out - equivalent to non-bio detergent you'd get at shop, really. But this stuff smells better, is more eco-friendly, and I think works out cheaper (for liquid laundry detergent, or liquid-tabs).
I have a toddler, a baby and a husband who cycles to his office job & this takes care of all our washing with no problems. Great smell too!
Great laundry liquid, smells fresh and clean, easy to refil bottles with well designed bag that can be resealed.
I have used the method laundry liquid for over a year and have found it washes clothes very well and is good value for money. I like that I can buy a refill and not use as much plastic. The bottles are very good quality and last for years so you don't have to worry about buying a new bottle, only buying refills!
I use it in the washing machine, and a small diluted amount to clean the sink and bath. It smells pleasant without being overpowering
Been using this item for quite a few months now. Absolutely love it, smell is lovely, my daughter said the other eco washing liquid I had been using previously gave my clothes a fishy smell. This Method product does the job, clothes are nice and clean, both husband and son have dirty work clothes.
Have used this for a year now and wouldn't use anything else.mwashes really well and is economical and good size to store.
very good
Cleans well. Lovely fresh smell.
Fabulous idea to cut down on wasting packaging easy pour and easy to store safely x
The fact it's a refill shows that I have used the product before and I'm very happy with the cleaning.
The scent is very pleasing.
I would recommend the product
Great value and great cleaning. Lovely light perfume.
Great effective laundry liquid, smells clean and fresh and is good value to buy in this easy to pour refil bag
Method is an amazing product. The state of my husband's shirt collars was greatly improved!
Works well even at low temperatures. Smells nice. We do not have kids at home so have not used it on sports gear but for normal wash can recommend.
Have been using for a while now so the refill is handy and is a better deal
Have been using Themis for over a year now and would never use anything else!
Great clean, efficient laundry. Less powerful smell than other laundry detergents, but who really wants all those chemicals?!
Smells lovely, good price and like that it is a refill.
small and easy to dispose of
Love Method washing detergent.
Good laundry liquid - does a better job of cleaning clothes than our previous eco liquid (Ecover) and has an inoffensive smell (would prefer a completely scentless version though).
Excellent results at all temperatures. Good value.
Does the job without using too many nasty bits and does not have an overpowering smell. Lasts ages without loads of wasteful packaging
A small quantity gives excellent result, though whites occasionally need a boost with a less eco-aware product
effective cleaning. Great to have a large refill.
great product
Greatly improves the quality of the wash. No sickly scents
Great smelling and very effective detergent. As with all Method products, a little goes a long way. Refill is very easy to use to refill old bottles.
Best eco laundry liquid I've tried. Smells great and cleans really well with just a small amount.
Tried this product by mistake. A nice error on my part. Thought it was the Cedar Lavender, as I had before. but no! We have senesitive skin problems in the family so need to be careful of products used in laundrey and shower.This works well
I simply love Method laundry detergent. I've not found a more effective environmentally friendly laundry detergent. Method has transformed my eco wash. My clothes always come out clean & fresh. This fragrance is very fresh makes the clothes smell like a they have been lined dried on a fresh windy day. These refil packs make purchasing Method even better value & they are in turn kinder to the environment.
Lovely smell does a great job.
have always used Method since it came to Uk. My daughter and I order together to get a better deal and we always wait until it comes up on offer.
I use the laundry product as per instructions and I found it is an excellent cleaner. I am very happy to use it also there are no signs of scratching on myself as I do tend to have sensitive skin.
It is very easy to recommend it to anyone.
Glad to see the refill. I had been using the bottles.
This is just brilliant. My clothes smell so great after using this, and I love the pump
This stuff is really excellent.,
Easy to use. Great performance.A little highly perfumed for me but others may love it.
The best, most economical way to buy laundry soap. Easy to pour, no mess, and you can get every last drop. Fantastic on clothes, nice scent without being overpowering.
I love this product. Smells great and cost effective.
Very good
A giant refill! What could be better!
Great on stains and gentle for children's sensitive skin and good value
This washing liquid is excellent, cleans very well, smells lovely and leaves my clothes and those of my grandson feeling so soft
Smells good, cleans the laundry. It has a nice fresh smell when you wear the clothes.
Love this laundry detergent as it is effective, environmentally responsible and it smells nice too.
Great product used for several years will not change as just the best
Makes a wonderful product very affordable. The gentleness and gorgeous fresh delicate fragrance means we haven't used anything else since trying it.
Best detergent going
Would not use any other washing liquid.
Cleans wonderfully and smells divine and being so concentrated takes up very little space. Also love the fact that the refill pouches can be recycled.
Read a review that said it "smelled like heaven" and I have to agree! Cleans amazing too!
Great fragrance and gets clothes clean.
Excellent product
I love the smell that this leaves on the clothes - subtle but clean.
Lasts ages, so great value as well as better for the environment.
I absolutely LOVE Method products. Especially the laundry refill. It smells gorgeous and is soooo easy to use in the pump.
Best natural laundry liquid I've found. Good value for money too.
Love this product. Love the fact you can get refill bags.
I use this on a daily basis and love the results. I would not use anything else and was delighted when the very economical refill pouch was available, I am a vegan and so the fact that this is an ethical product is very important to me.
Excellent product, leaves clothes smelling fresh and not sickly sweet like big brand chemical detergents. cleans well and the refills are value for money.
Weve used this product before. Used for coloured washing at lower temperatures, works well and smells really fresh.
Love this product!!
Very good cleaning power. I am sensitive to fragrances but had no reaction to this laundry liquid everything smells so fresh.
This laundry liquid smells great and cleans well. The refills are loads cheaper and the reduction in packaging is great for the environment.
I have previously used the product but found it hard to get locally. I use it for all my laundry and find it to be a good cleaner, economical,and a lot less packaging
I prefer this so much that I go to the trouble to buy it mail order now my local Waitrose no longer stocks it
economical way of buying laundry liquid, it cleans perfectly, some old stubborn stains may need a little bit of extra attention
Massive number of washes in a tiny package
I have been using this product for years and I can not recommend it highly enough!
Excellent quality, cleans well, and it's natural!
Brilliant value for money and excellent on clothes
This is my favourite ever laundry detergent. It does smell like fresh air, and is very effective.
Clean clothes, nice fresh scent
Did you try this washing liquid? Smells amazing and does perfect job washing as well :)
Been using this product for over a year now. Works very well, smells great and is not bad for you.
Love the smell. does the job very well.
Great product
Very pleased with the results on my laundry. It smells lovely & fresh & it matched the non-bio results of my last big named product.
Seriously reduces the amount of liquid I use. Works really well at low temps and leaves clothes smelling fresh not over powered.
Excellent product
Every day everybody excellent products
Good product. Works well and I love the refill. Very sensible.
Love being able to re-use the incredibly handy pump bottle.
Excellent product, would be pleased to recommend.
Smells brilliant.
Safe to use.
Great packaging.
Not tested on animals.
It works well! Really well!
Would recommend to anyone and everyone!
better value than buying the small bottles all the time
Brilliant stuff. Use this all the time.
It works!
love this product last ages and like being able to buy refills.
I am really pleased with this works well and no over powering smell. Again had to get on line as no longer available at my local shops
The Olympic laundry soap I use!
Good value compared to the regular (non-refill) variety. You can find it cheaper though in some places where you can refill directly from a tap!! It is quite a strong smell which I'm not sure I like that much but it's pretty similar to other non-eco varieties so not that big a deal.
Cleans clothes nicely enough compared to other eco products
Brilliant smell and as above
I love this product and the fragrance is wonderful.
washing and recommend the product excellent quality as just refill the original container
I use the product as stated to do the washing
Love this laundry soap. I wash mostly at 30 and 40 degrees and do lots of baby clothes. Its very important that you use liquid if you wash at 40 degrees or under as soap powder wont dissolve properly and stays in the clothes. Anyway, i have a couple of the smaller bottles so bought this refill to fill them back up when i'm finished. I'm totally converted. Never going back to supermarket laundry products.
I have used this product for a number of years and would definately recomend it.
Won't use any other laundry products except Method or Ecoover and this is very economical - you only need 4 pumps and it gets everything clean. I love this.
Best greeen washing product I have used and the refils make it a very reasonable price.
Lovely fresh smell which lingers but is not overpowering ... great results and so economic, especially the refill version.
I'm going to be loyal to this fresh smelling laundry detergent as it does the job very well. I don't use conditioner but it leaves my clothes soft and it smells wonderful.
I love the product. It smells good and works. It also is very ecological in packaging as well as content.
Very good product cleans well - not so much wastful packaging - nice smell - recommend -
excellent product - never need to use fabric conditioner now
excellent product
Oops. Bought this before I realised you need to buy the original small bottle first and when finished use this to refill!
good value for money
Nice smell, works effectively on medium and light soiled clothes. Heavier soiling requires pre treatment, just pump a little on to the affected area and it almost always washes out. I have a 2 year old boy who gets most of his clothes very dirty and it copes well! Not tested on animals.
I have used the Method laundry product for some while now and like the cleanliness it produces in my washing and the fragrance. I was really pleased when a refill was brought out as this has made the product more economical as well as reduced my use of the packaging
I haven't used this yet but it makes the laundry liquid a lot more affordable.
Method laundry liquid is brilliant. Really cleans things brighter than other ethical laundry liquids & powders (honest - I've been using another well-known brand for best part of 20 years). I have two teenage sons so this is ideal for grubby family members as well as light soiling and delicates. Unobtrusive scent, too. Give it a go, it's really good value for money because it's so concentrated. I even got a try it for free offer on my first bottle.
Great product which is extremely economical
Not the strongest detergent, but fine for lightly soiled washing. The best thing is the Fresh Air scent - it makes indoor-dried laundry smell like it's been blowing outside in the breeze, especially nice for bed linen. One drawback is the pump-action container isn't ideal for use with the detergent drawer.
Smells great and washes well
I love method laundry liquid and this is a great way of buying it.
Good cleaning power and nice fresh scent
Really effective, even on my children's laundry which is often covered in juice, smeared biscuit or fruit puree, and on cloth nappies. Leaves a subtle, clean fragrance. I wouldn't go back to another detergent after using this!
I cannot buy refills of this product anywhere locally and think that the supermarkets overcharge with the individual bottles so delighted to be able to buy online easily.
I have used this product before and although it is quite expensive I feel it gives me good value as I do not need to use as much as stated on the bottle.
Excellent product - makes my clothes lovely and soft too without the need for fabric softener.
good value
Refill is good for the nature and easy to store!
Delighted with this. I used purchase Method from but they haven't had it in stock for a while. Thrilled to find a refill option.
Great value and packaging reduced , perfect!
Be kind to the planet - Method pump dispenser is really strong and will last for years - refill and protect our planet
Love the laundry liquid so this should save me some money.
Great idea, would be lovely to see it in other fragrances as well.
Funnily enough, I use this to wash all my clothes!!
Cost effective way to refill my empty pump dispenser
Brilliant clean, better than the big chemical brands and excellent value for money as long as you stick with the recommended amounts. Yes those few squits really will get your clothes clean. Nice clean smell to clothed rather than the chemical fragrances of others.
Fantastic value - even my 19 year old son asked if we had changed the washing liquid as the washing smelt great.
Always good.
Just started using this and have found it cleans really well and smells great
I love the laundry refill - smells really fresh and lasts well too - have already recommended it to other people.
Love that there is a refill, easy to store as well.
Our favourite laundry product by far. I love the refill bag as it lasts a long time and eliminates the need to buy another pump bottle.
Very economical to use.
The laundry liquid I find very efficient and so little is needed in a wash plus I'm pleased it's easy on the environment. To be able to buy refills is great and obviously more economical.
Use it all the time for all washes - brilliant.
Good idea
At last!! Have been looking for a refill in supermarkets and online, seemed to go against ecological sense not to reuse the dispenser especially as pump parts aren't recyclable.
I use it in my wash daily, and would recomend it to friends.
I love the smell of this laundry product. Very concentrated and you only need what it says on the packaging.

Leaves clothes clean and smelling wonderfully clean.
I've bought a refill because I like this product so much.
Fab, works and without chemicals, can't complain.
Have bought the usual containers in supermarket - great to see it as a refill. Very good product - effective cleaning.
Finally Laundry refill available in UK!
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