Natural & Clean Dry Carpet Cleaner

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(£1.00 per 100g)

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Natural & Clean Dry Carpet Cleaner includes a free brush!

Natural & Cleans advanced dry carpet cleaner contain millions of tiny, soft sponge-like granules that absorb dirt when agitated into the carpet fibre (or any other surface). You can agitate them with your fingers or a soft bristle brush leaving carpets clean, dry and fresh - ready for immediate use. The Natural & Clean dry carpet cleaner change colour as they dissolve and absorb the dirt from the carpet fibres, trapping the dirt until vacuumed away.

Safe to use
Natural & Clean dry carpet cleaner is a natural, organic and biodegradable product, dermatologically balanced - pH 5.5 - (the same pH as human skin and wool fibres) making it safe to handle and use. The highly absorbent Natural & Clean dry carpet cleaner is impregnated with environmentally aware cleaning formulae which leaves no sticky residues to attract dirt. Solvent & phosphate free.

Suitable for every type of carpeting
The Natural & Clean dry carpet cleaner has been developed to clean both man-made and natural fibres including coir and sisal. The Natural & Clean dry carpet cleaner has passed the rigorous independent tests of the Wool Board and carries the 'suitable for use on wool' endorsement.

Benefits of dry carpet cleaning
The Natural & Clean dry carpet cleaner is successfully used in all types of facilities throughout the world such as homes, hospitals and nursing homes, offices, hotels, shops, showrooms, banks and airports. In facilities requiring regular maintenance, busy 24 hour access, sensitive computer rooms, raised flooring with high voltage or where low moisture is required, the Natural & Clean dry carpet system excels.

1 x 500g pack of the Dry Carpet Cleaner will clean approximately 15 square metres but this will vary on how thick the pile of the rug or carpet is.

Ingredients Anionic Surfactants <5% - Derived from plant extracts
Preservative (DMDM Hydantoin)
Fragrance - Derived from Plant extracts
Contents: 500g
Product code:  NCDRYCARP

Reviews of Natural & Clean Dry Carpet Cleaner 4.6 out of 5 (80 reviews)

It seems to freshen the carpet.
Takes a long time to hoover up all the powder .
Sprinkled on carpet-spread with hands and then brushed in -not my favourite job but very necessary-would recommend for freshening carpets
I have used this product on a number of occasions and has always worked to my satisfaction.
Simply follow the instructions on the packet.
NB. Brush is at the bottom of the bag.!
Great job and great smell. Doesn’t get out some of the more stubborn marks.
Great product to refresh your rug or carpet.
This is not carpet cleaner etc forgot to remove any old stain.
Is okay to use once a year to keep the carpet fresh.
Fantastic smell , natural and cleans carpet brilliantly. Also you dont nerd to use the lot. ***
Far easier than soaking the carpet with shampoo.
I have used the product on three rugs in my house.It is excellent.
I will recommend this to loads of my friends and have done already.
Well worth the money.
Love this product; it works really well and has a nice smell. I'd much rather use this product than a chemical cleaner on my expensive wool rug.
I use on a natural Mohawk carpet using the brush supplied. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to avoid unhealthy chemical carpet cleaners. The quality of the product is excellent
On carpet
If it works I'll recommend to anybody
It looks good haven't tried it yet
This product is something I have used before and I have got the same excellent results. There were 2 of us cleaning a large lounge/diner. The only thing I can say negatively is that the brush is too small. I purchased two larger brushes from my local hardware shop to speed things up. If there was a way of using the cleaning powder with a long handled brush (i.e standing up) it would be even better, but still I would recommend this product to others.
Adds a real fresh smell to the house.
Works very well ! Nice scent which really freshen the carpet
It is by far the best carpet cleaner I have ever used and have recommended it to many friends who are also delighted with the results. We managed to spill red wine on a cream carpet and we thought it would be a right off but Natural and Clean removed the stain.
This worked better than expected - I managed, with repeated applications, to reduce the severity of stains in a sisal carpet. But it couldn’t get rid of them completely.
Lovely clean carpets and fresh smell and easy to use
Used on our coir carpet as well as wool rugs - after our new dog was learning the ropes of house training! It really works and smells really fresh too.
Caused sneezing watering eyes and ineffective as a carpet cleaner
Easy to use. Our wool carpet looks like new. Will definitely continue to use.
thankyou this product is the best iv bought by far,it as left my carpets clean ,loveley and fresh and will be repeat buying,all ready ordered again thankyou ....
Really smells good and easy to use. Rug looks good afterwards, despite our having two large hairy dogs.
Very easy to use, liked the fact that a brush was included in the pack. Nice smell and did the job well, the areas on my carpet which had more use were looking grubby but it all looks clean now.
Good quality products, reasonable prices and fast delivery. Very happy with a service I would recommend to others.
Give you carpets a 'Spring Clean' when ever you want. Does exactly what it says it will do. Cleans and freshens without leaving you carpets and rugs wet. Safe on pure wool. Loved it.
This stuff is pretty good at refreshing a tired carpet. Smells wonderful and gives back a bit of bounce. Not very good on tough stains. One bag for me was enough for two average size rooms and a small box room.
Great product...does exactly wot it says
My cleaner uses every fortnight on cream carpet. The results are superb as is the after smell
Best product by far for cleaning carpets. Our carpet feels revitalised,the pile has been brought back to life. Stains are gone and the fragrance is lovely.
This does work, making my carpets look and smell much better (with two dogs, my carpets take a lot of mud and mess!). However, it isn't the easiest of granules to manipulate - I found it took quite a bit of work to spread out with the brush collecting hair from the carpet - even though I'd vacced up. Probably more to do with the vast amount of dog hair and my vac but I still found a lot of granules clogged in the brush meaning I had to stop and manipulate the granules out again and spread out. But, it works!
This product works wonders on a expensive seagrass rug our new puppy decided to take the liking too.
Great product, but do it outside if you can
This lifted most but not all of the dirt from seagrass matting on our stairs made by very muddy dog trail. I may need to leave the product on longer or repeat treatment. Smelled nice though!
Very good product, worked better than expected. Like the fact it is child/pet friendly
Cleaning liquid works better than expectations
Dry cleaning works well on my coir carpet even removing pet accidents and leaving nice clean smelling carpet.
Would recommend
Carpet cleaner and smells nice.
See above
I used this to freshen up a bedroom carpet and it worked well. No chemical smells and really handy that the brush is supplied. Very easy to use and seems to have made the carpet look and smell fresher.
Cleans carpets really well.
good product brought our old carpets up beautifully and a lovely smell!
Hoping the product works on Sisal carpet. Thankfully i havn't had to use it yet
Carpet cleaning - not yet used
Easy to use. Pleasant fragrance. Freshened up carpet. Would use again. Didn't use on heavy staining.
Only used the small pack and while consider the brush is too small was content to re-order this quality product.
really good carpet cleaner, works great on natural fibres (sisal, coir).
No miraculous results on stains but it did seem to work on the generally grubby areas.
We bought this product to clean some 1970's Scandinavian rugs, a professional rug cleaner having told us the colours ran and he wasn't able to clean them. This did the trick. We left it on overnight before hoovering it off the next day. Although the product is dry, it does make the rug damp once it has been applied. Another good use would be for those areas of carpet near doors which get grubbier quicker than the rest.
To clean carpet.
Anyone with a need for it
Used this product on a Sisal carpet. Did not remove all stains but general appearance of carpetmuch improved. Easy to use, pleasant smell with no chemicals.
Good quality product mad reasonably priced.
used effectively on brickdust on carpet. would recommend to all.
Very easy to use
I've used this product before on our rug. Works well, no fuss.
We have a sea grass rug and a dog which is far from an ideal situation. This natural cleaner has, despite my pessimism, managed to clean and freshen the entire rug. It was easy to use and comes with an applicator brush. I left it on for 2 hours to work it's magic and then hoovered thoroughly. Our rug was visibly lighter, cleaner and pet odour free!
Great for high traffic areas where you don't have time to wait for the carpet to dry using other systems. It's also good on older/stubborn stains
My beloved but ageing cat had had a number of "accidents" on carpet. Used product to clean and freshen carpet after initial cleaning. It was easy to use, improved the appearance of the carpet and left it looking and smelling fresh and clean. I have ordered more and would heartily reccomend
Used the product on a seagrass carpet, s bit sceptical but after two treatments on some heavy trsffic sreas there was a vast improvement. The carpet looks and smells fresher.
Excellent product, with 2 dogs in the house carpets get dirty & smelly. this is the perfect pet friendly item.
Easy to use. I wore a pair of gloves and rubbed into my carpet with my hands and after waiting 45 mins the results were excellent. Also no wet carpets!!
Dry carpet cleaner used to spot clean and freshen up traffice areas. Very good.
Works well.
easy to use, ur carpet feels like new and fluffy, collects dirt which hoover can not do!
Very very good - easy to use and amazing results
Clean and fresh and very effective!
Not so keen on the smell. Not sure how clean it has left carpet.
easily applied, no mess, effective around 80%
I have only used the product once so far,and it didn't completely clean the carpet. However, they were the heavier soiled parts of the carpet and I'm sure I will notice a difference after the 2nd application.
Who wants to get their carpets wet any more? I know people who would rather have a dirty carpet than wet it shampooing it!
The price is extremely competitive as well so you don't feel you have to 'skimp' using the product.
Absolutely excellent product. I used this on my stairs which have a pale oatmeal carpet on this. It's lifted the dirt and the pile making it look fresh and clean again. It's really easy to use although I think next time I might work it in with my fingers (in rubber gloves). Nice fresh scent. Very pleased - I will be buying this again.
It is very easy to use.
Brill, especially as we have a cream carpet that gets a bit mucky near the door.

Pour some on and scrub in really really well. It might need another application once hoovered but that depends on the level of staining.
use this on my stair carpet which gets particularly dirty during the winter.I like this as it doesnt leave me with the problem of trying to get carpet dry in the winter.
Love this product, I worked with a carpet cleaning company who used this product , now i know I can purchase it and clean the carpets myself with no chemicals is a huge bonus

Thank you
first class product........had to give carpet two goes but in fairness it was very dirty.
Used it to clean three carpets with very good results. Needed to use household broom instead of small spot cleaning brush but carpets look clean and bright.
In the home on carpets
Recommend it
Great product. Cleams carpets without wetting
I use it on my living room carpet and it is excellent quality and I would reccomend it to everyone.
I have a large dog and light coloured carpet, this product is invaluable for paw marks and other dirty patches plus general freshness. An excellent product non toxic and lovely smell. I have had several bags and will continue to use.
Excellent carpet cleaner - would recommend to friends
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