OceanSaver All in One Dishwasher EcoTabs (30 pack)

Normally £7.00
Now only £5.60
(£0.19 each)

OceanSaver All in One Dishwasher EcoTabs (30 pack)

Normally £7.00
Now only £5.60
(£0.19 each)
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OceanSaver's plastic free, all-in-one Dishwasher EcoTabs work wonders on your dishes, glasses and pans, be it in hard water, at low temperatures or even on a quick wash.

With salt and rinse aid built-in and no plastic wrapper, simply pop in your dishwasher for a superior clean every time.

  • Made up pf 96% plant & mineral-based ingredients
  • Plastic free
  • Vegan
  • EcoCert certified

How to use:

Before loading into the dishwasher, remove food scraps from your dishes and cutlery and rinse heavily soiled items. Load your machine according to the manufacturer's instructions. There is no need to unwrap the EcoDrop tablet as the film is dissolvable and biodegradable. Be sure to handle the tablet with dry hands, and place on tablet per wash into the dispenser. Do not place tablet in the cutlery basket. Wash hands after handling. Run dishwasher as per manufacturer's instructions.


Oxygen-based bleaching agents ≥5 - <15%, Non-ionic surfactants, enzymes <5%
Also contains : sequestrants, carbonate salts, sulfate salts, citric acid, silicates, antiredeposition agents, salt, glycerin, sodium glycolate, anionic surfactants, magnesium stearate, bentonite.



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Customer reviews 1.0 out of 5 (3 reviews)

I’m so disappointed with these. I’d heard such good things. They didn’t dissolve properly in our dishwasher, on any temperature and left little white bits deposited all over the dishes and cups etc. not only that, but it caked our dishwasher in a white crust all over the compartment where the tablet goes and in a horrible mucky dribble down the inside of the door. Threw them away and went back to Ecover.
H., Addlestone
These are terrible. They do not dissolve properly and dishes are not cleaned well. Do not buy! Made the mistake of ordering two boxes and wish I could get a refund.
A. M., Beaumaris
These were TERRIBLE! So disappointed. They didn’t dissolve properly, even on a high heat wash. They left little white bits all over the dishes. They left a crusty film on the glasses and left a white crusty dribble mess on the compartment where the tablet goes. Threw them away after using 4-5 tablets. I’d heard such good things too. Clearly not for us.
H., Addlestone
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