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You can make a contribution to offset the carbon released in delivering your order.

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About carbon offsetting

We consider the environment throughout our business from the products we source to their delivery. Although we don't have large stores across the country and we keep our warehouse running in as an environmentally friendly a fashion as possible we do recognise that carbon is released as a side-effect of us delivering orders to you.

Climate Care logoWe have teamed up with Climate Care to provide you, our customers, with the choice of contributing towards offsetting carbon released in the delivery of goods ordered from us. The service that offers with Climate Care is a CO2 offsetting service against customer deliveries that aims to help reduce the damage caused by global greenhouse emissions.

Climate Change is the most pressing global issue facing us all, with consequences for all communities, species and environments across the world.

ClimateCare is an organisation that reduces global greenhouse gas emissions on behalf of companies and individuals.

These reductions are made through a range of projects around the world that not only make real reductions in carbon emissions, but also make a difference to people's lives.

100% of the carbon offsetting payment goes to Climate Care. Climate Care has projects across the world but below are examples of projects that your contribution will go towards.

Kibale reforestation project - Uganda

Kibale Reforestation Project - Uganda

Deforestation and unsustainable land management at Kibale National Park in Uganda has led to severe degradation and loss of wildlife habitats. This project is designed to promote biodiversity by restoring forest vegetation, while improving local communities’ lives and livelihoods.

500 tonnes CO2 stored per hectare

370 bird species protected


Energy from land fill project - Thailand

Energy from land fill project - Thailand

The Bangkok Kamphaeng Saen East project is Thailand’s first landfill gas project. It converts methane emissions from landfill waste into electricity, channelling it into the country’s national grid. The methane (a potent greenhouse gas) would otherwise escape into the atmosphere, contributing to climate change.

270,000 tonnes CO2 cut each year

16 local jobs created


To find out more about ClimateCare and its projects, see

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