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Things We Like

In no particular order ...

meadows, strawberries & cream, long baths, festivals, belly laughs, sunshine, skiing, Roxy Music, streams, Meerkats, being woken up by the sun and not an alarm clock, landing in foreign airports, a full fridge, snoozing, fish in Banana leaf, Match of the Day, Wimbledon, cycling, public transport when it works, people making an effort, water, ipods, changing seasons, documentaries, alone time, running fast down hills, walking bare foot on warm rocks, Vivaldi, Ernest Hemingway novels, long walks, lounging in the sun, sarcasm, new shoes, old jeans, polished wood, unpolished wood, in season British asparagus, organic tomatoes, being on boats, jam on toast, dancing, bear hugs, garden parties, going to the beach, being with animals, beautiful art, swimming in the sea, pasta and wine on a blistering hot day, open fires, spontaneity, slap stick comedy, the Today programme, good service, things that don't muck up the planet, parks, jazz, blackbirds singing, tea and fruit cake, strong coffee, dew, trains, smell of cut grass, mushrooms, the Stones, the internet, hammocks, ducks, sun glasses, reaching the top of a hill, oak trees, water falls, fields of cows, cider, candles, saunas, Method cleaning products, reading the paper, solar power, summer dresses, eating out, spending time with the family, cooking, playing football, growing vegetables, reading, keeping up with current affairs, children learning to talk, Nintendo Wiis, independent cinema, Rick Stein, limericks, jungles, spice, sail boats, recycling, learning new things, free stuff, kissing, chocolate, elephants, pigs, thinking twice before doing it, hair cuts, farmers markets, eco-friendly living, meeting old friends, long journeys, puddings, bank holidays, Bob Dylan, John Betjeman, barbeques, walking in the woods, shouting in caves, understanding, chillies, live music, small fishing boats, big waves, bakeries, watching the world go by, foreign customs, being naughty sometimes, the fact that no one owns Antarctica, defying belief, winning games, free range chicken, a well placed swear word, good bosses, open minds, the Mediterranean, huge flocks of birds, history, short queues, storage space, debate, beer on a sunny day, new socks, looking at the moon, jumping into swimming pools, running barefoot in the sand, getting a seat on the tube without having to yield to those more in need, Dim Sum, Chablis, a smile from the right person, Marmite, glitter, fancy dress, singing with the windows down, sleeping under the stars, air beds in tents, dancing until sun rise, mowing the grass, the sound of rain on the tent above, beaches, viewing a sunset from a hammock, peanut butter, Ben & Jerry's, Seinfeld, Guinness, the Beatles, Audrey Hepburn, horses, old hammer horror films, glo-worms if you're lucky, Lady GaGa, Leffe brun beer, seeing the good side of every bad situation, absence of litter, popping the seal on an unopened nutella jar, freshly baked scones, babies laughing, bluebells, 9 holes of golf, blackberry picking, a nice curry, walking up a mountain with just the sound of birds and the wind, Daphne Du Maurier, little gnomes, rhubarb and ginger jam, kissing our children's cold cheeks in the winter, clean sheets and soft pillows, blissed out yoga, mountain walking, grow your own, purring cat on my lap, walruses, electric storms, simplicity, French cheese, real rock n' roll, walking in moonlight in the snow, golden retrievers, all creatures great and small, clean sheets, Fleetwood Mac, daffodils, long summer nights, the first kiss of the day, Manic Street Preachers, Bumble bees on my plants and flowers, Blue Tit hatchlings in a bird box, cherry blossom, summer evening birdsong, Snowdonia, the smell of sand on a hot day when it hasn't rained for a while, apples in season, the smell of sun tan lotion, wet Spaniels, Border Collies, strong coffee, people giving up their seats, the NHS, warm dogs.....

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