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The next you time you touch wood for good luck, why not give some thought to the actual wood that makes it happen. Frankly, your wood does quite a lot for you, all while looking naturally great. So maybe you could give something back.

  • Conditions and revitalises
  • Surface safe, non-toxic, plant based
  • Revitalises and leaves a protective shine
  • Almond fragrance

We all need a little bit of good luck sometimes. And when we do, we don’t want to touch any old wood. We want it to be as beautiful as nature intended. And that’s where good luck comes in: method furniture polish does exactly that!

The blend of glycerine and olive oil derivative ingredients are natural and moisturising.

With method’s no-wax formula, you can clean and buff your wood back to its natural beauty – without leaving residue or build-up. Our naturally-derived formula is a gentle, cleansing conditioner that removes smudges, fingerprints and dirt. And, like all method products, it leaves a fresh scent in its wake. Now that’s good luck.

Method bottles are recyclable. Please don't send them to the landfills - recycle after use.

Size: 353ml

Method Touch Wood Furniture Polish - Ingredients
Glycerin, non-toxic surfactant, omega-9 fatty acid (found in olive oil), non-toxic and degradable polishing agents, thickening agents, fragrance oil blend, preservative (under 0.1%), purified water.

Product code:  MWOODPOLISH


Reviews of Method Wood for Good Furniture Polish 4.9 out of 5 (155 reviews)

As with all Method products great smell . Leaves furniture with a good shine and nourished with no build up of chemicals.
Very good polish with pleasant smell. Would recommend highly.
Excellent products
My favourite wood cleaner!
Smells nice and cleans well.
Smells of Almonds lovely brings up a good shine
My favourite product, lovely smell and brings a really good shine on the furniture
Quality product in Method
Luxurious thick floor cleaner that leaves my floor enriched and smelling lovely
Smells like *** and makes my wooden furniture very happy and shiny!!
Great product brought the wood up great on my furniture and smells fab!!
A good rich ***
excellent product
It is great. If you do it on the regular basis like for example once a week, your wood furniture or wood windows sills look so healthy.Great.
This smells amazing too!
leaves a fantastic shine on oak worktops as all as cleaning.
To polish furniture
Does the job happy
Wonderful smell and brings the grain up lovely.
Does what it says on the label - tables, doors, window ledges, picture frames etc. look new. Pleasant to use and don't need a lot of product to see results.
Love all Method products
Very good quality, natural product with a fantastic aroma... and works very efficiently.
Product is fab - great smell, lovely finish & good to environment
Excellent. Leaves furniture clean looking without the nasty chemicals
Great product, highly recommend
Love this smell so much it makes me want to polish all the furniture, which is something I usually dread.
I love the Method range!
Delicious scent.
Just bought a new oak table and using this to keep the shine and the smell is wonderful too
Nice product will continue to use
Use regularly and works well, smells nice and lasts for ages
a natural product for wood

no harsh chemicals, good for the enviroment

nice smell
Smells good and works well
Wonderful almond scent
Just like the Method stainless steel polish, the wood one is brilliant! Lovely smell, and makes the wood look great
Great product Speedy delivery

I always use Method polish for all my wooden furniture and I love the almond fragrance it leaves behind.
I will try to recommend it to my friends, but some people may find it expensive. I would rather pay a little more and be happy with the product.
I use this on our office desks, oak welsh dresser and ikea furniture smells like marzipan and is streak free.
Great smell, lovely sheen on furniture.
I used to clean houses as a job and after using general furniture polishes day in and day out my throat would get constantly dry and sore. Method polish smells lovely, polishes beautifully and I don't have the problem of feeling I've been breathing harsh chemicals all day!
Nice finish and scent - not too heavy
gives a good finish and seems to nourish the wood
I think I am going to enjoy polishing now, this product brings furniture to life and the smell is gorgeous, will be using this always now.
Its just really good stuff.
Method wood polish is the creme de la creme of wood polishers and Big green smile gave the best prices overall on the net!
Great product, works well and smells delicious!
Nice smell - doesn't leave masses of shine, but beats inhaling all the fumes of conventional spray polishes. A little goes a long way
Ok, as said on the reviews, lovely scent but not sure how much the product nourishes the wood
We have oak flooring throughout the house as I can't stand the fitted carpet arrangement. So, although it says don't use on wooden floors, on oak it's fabulous, not sloppy definitely no silicone so all the wood can breathe and that includes all the wooden furniture too, I think I have a happy wooden furniture house!,,
nice product
See above
I love this product for all my wood surfaces and because it smells so good, my son offers to do the cleaning with it! It's a miracle product!!!
Lovely product, gives that beutiful natural shine finish to wooden furniture. Beautiful fragrance. Highly recommend :)
Smells of almonds. Only need a small amount as it is quite concentrated. Makes your furniture glow and the room smells lovely after using it.
Lovely smell and it gets kitchen grease off wooden cabinets.
I think this will feed and care for my wooden furniture in a way that normal spray on polishes do not.
Use to wood
I'd recommend it to everyone
Good quality and a great smell
A great, non-toxic cleaner for my wooden surfaces - lovely smell and a little goes a long way - would recommend to anyone with a wooden worktop or tables!
This polish smells absolutely lovely. I almost like dusting now...well almost.
i have used this for ages and love it so do my customers!
Can leave the wood a little flat but still a good product
I really like this product......knowing it isn't full of chemicals and smells good too
Would recomend this to others
Excellent product that makes my wooden furniture look beautiful. I use it on our wooden doors too.
Love, love, love this product. As someone who loves wood and has lots. This product feeds my wooden furniture, and leaves the rooms smelling great for ages.
Love the smell and the sheen it gives the furniture
For polishing and cleaning all wooden furniture in the house. It is the only product of this kind that I have found that cleans the wood as well as polishing it i.e I had some chairs with really ground in dirt but, your product has now brought them up to a nice clean shine.
Etchocal product of which my cleaner approves
Allergy suffering household these products really help reduce symptoms and they smell heavenly
use on wood furniture with microfibre duster - recommend to anyone - good quality
Love the almond smell, easy to use and doesn't leave a sticky build up.
This is the best furniture polish I have ever used - shinny furniture that lasts and repels dust for ages.
This is the product I came to this site for, and bought loads of other stuff! This furniture polish is THE BEST thing I have smelt in a cleaning product, ever. Non-smeary, great smelling, gives a lovely shine; I just love this product. AND its Green.
Excellent on all wood furniure, gives a lovely shine and the smell is good too
Rooms, dining rooms, living rooms wood furniture.
Generally, any wood surface, excellent.
My clients really love the smell, I can quickly and excellent to work.
There are specially wood surfaces with stains, but does not damage it. These other products are recommended.
Fantastic product from a great brand, best thing is the almond smell it leaves behind!
Another excellent product used all around the house on my wooden furniture. Smells gorgeous.
It's perfect for some highly French Polished pieces of furniture as it doesn't leave smears which wax polish can.
Method wood touch furniture polish is very difficult to find in supermarkets. I would recommend this product as it really does leave your furniture clean and it smells good too!!
all good
Smells great and works a treat.. What else can I say apart from Method make my housework so much nicer as well as quick and easy!
My personal favourite. My rooms smell so good when I use this product. I cannot describe how much I like this product. Cleans, polishes and smells fab.
Love this product it really looks after the wood and gives a lovely shine.
Great product and smells amazing (almost edible....)!! I feel that it is truly nourishing my wood.
Again another fab product from Method. A lovely clean smell too! I am so impressed with the Method products that I have changed all my products to Method!
excellent product that makes wood gleam and has a gorgeous smell
A lovely smell of almond!
great product, have used for years.
Great, non streaky.
This smells amazing and makes my wooden furniture glow!
I just love the smell of this polish. It smells good enough to eat. Makes my wood furniture shine and look great too. This is the only furniture polish I will ever use now.
find it ery good
First time used but seems to work like all the other Method products. Wood is left looking nourished and clean.
Use this for wood surfaces. Again leaves a wonderful smell which encourages me to clean!
Smells great and is an effective polish, could see an improvement after use...will order again.
Brilliant quality - smells really lovely. Love the fact it's safe for use around the home with pets and kids. BUAV approved and earth friendly - ticks all the boxes for us! Dries quickly and no sticky feeling left over.
I have been using this product on my wood furniture for years, it works great and keeps my furniture looking new. Great in
the winter when the moisture level in the house is really low, protects your wood furniture!
This is great - first time I have used it and it smells almost too good to be a household product (reminds me of bake well tart -really!)
i love this,it smells amazing!!
Really, really love this. It does exactly what it says on the bottle plus it smells gorgeous!
Love this polish
Bought this as I like the Method range of products. Only used it once but so far so good. Like the almond aroma. Made in the UK which is a bonus.
Works well, smells lovely, good product.
Unusual product but I like it (and so does my wood furniture)
i have natural wooden floors and this works brilliantly.
would recomend to anyone with wooden floors.
smells lovely and makes your floors so clean without the risk of doing any harm to them. been using it for a very long time time and will keep on using it. i love this product.
loved this product brings my wooden furniture up beautifully and lovely smell . would recommend and I will buy again
Fabulous smell--lovely shiny furniture.
This is lovely, smells like the floor cleaner, almonds. Wood looks lovely when done.
Smells great and worked well.
had to buy 2 more - daughter discovered it and I haven't had it back
As good as they say it is.
Cleans and has a great smell.
very good product
Amazing polish and cruelty free too. Will
Always buy this now.
great smell!!! nice sheen to wood and also would recommend.
Great product on loads of woods and wood workflow,best smell ever,almonds!
Lovely product could do with bigger bottle though
Gives a good polish easily. You don't need as much as some other polishes. After use, the room smells lovely.
I love this polish for the fact that it norishes and loves the wood, the fantastic smell and the no spray chemicals that I hate about the regular shop varieties on offer. I would highly recommend this product especially as it takes no more effort to use than other sprays.
Have only used this for few years now. It smells like cherry bakewell cakes! It's kind and works.
Good quality, lovely smell. Good shine
Really good product. My wood and I love it.
Absolute convert - how did I manage without the Method range before. I run a small 5 star b&b and 5 star self catering cottage so use a lot of cleaning products and am very fussy regarding finished appearance. The Method range exceeded my wishes as I was initially concerned that they wouldn't be as effective.I recently used a non method cleaner to use it up and was shocked at how strong it was for my eyes and throat - presumably when using all the time we become acclimitised to the chemicals!! Adore the fresh pleasant smell of all the range.
love this but it would be good to have a bigger bottle
Love this product! Introduced it to loads of people who also rate it highly
fabulous cleaner. smells good
love the smell and the the wood comes up lovely
Fabulous. My furniture loves it.
Use this for all general purpose wood cleaning - windowsills, doors, wardrobes - doesn't leave a build up and the almond smell is great.
Makes my rooms smell like heaven
Great wood polish both cleans and polishes in one go.
fantastic product, cleans wood really well and smells divine too !!
This smells gorgeous and creates a lovely sheen on real wood.
fabulous, great job
Excellant, lovely smell
Pretty good, but not too keen on the smell
Really good for wood, leaves a shine and smells good too - would definitely recommend
Lovely almond fragrance. Leaves wood with a soft sheen. Cleans very well.
A superb polish
A lovely product for wood - as with all Method products, it smells fantastic and is natural. Great stuff.
This smells great and does the job well
Love the finish and the smell
have recommended to friends and family
Works very well, really nice finish and smells lovely too!
lovely smell and good finish
used sparingly for wooden furniture

recommended to all eco warriors

equal results when compared to chemical brands
Another product that smells good enough to eat. Polishes great too.
I enjoy using this product on my wood. The aroma is calming and I enjoy being kind to my furniture. I used to use orange-glo(with almond oil) but it's quite difficult to purchase also it gives a higher polish. I've spent quite a few pounds in an effort to obtain the orange glo from nearby stockist, however yours is the closest I've had yet and the price is reasonable. thank-you
My wood loves this and I love the finish
I use this on all wooden furniture.
It is an excellent product and best of all (for me) it has a natural smell and not a 'floral' or other 'fragrance' which most polishes have, and which I hate.
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