(31 products) Beauty Oils

Beauty Oils can support the general health of your skin and are normally suitable for all skin types.  Don't shy away from beauty oils if you have oily skin because they can have a balancing effect, and actually help your skin to regulate its own production. They also don't clog pores and can be especially good for dry or mature skins.

Made from 100% natural oils, beauty oils are absorbed easily into the face, body, hair and nails.  They can be a blend of a few oils, or a single source such as the ever popular argan, or advocado oil.  Many are packed with vitamins and antioxidants to give additional benefits - from boosting radiance to plumping.  Natural oils are best because - it's claimed - synthetics can reduce the efficiency.

Use a beauty oil instead of your moisturiser if you like a lighter feel, or before hand for extra hydration, or just because you feel like giving yourself a treat.



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