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Big Green Smile Story

Ben & Alasdair

In 2006 there was a hosepipe ban (one that wasn’t immediately followed by six months of rain!).

BigGreenSmile founders Alasdair, Ben and Nick got together and decided to encourage water saving in the home by selling water saving devices.

Customers loved them, so in 2007 they took a deep breath, gave up their day jobs and committed to the business full-time


The boys launched a promotional campaign on TV (to spread the word) and – gulp - 5,000 shower timers went in under four hours!

They picked, packed and dispatched those timers from a garage in Buckinghamshire … but after the third articulated lorry blocked the neighbour’s drive they realised they had to expand (in more ways than one) … because while water saving devices were grand, the British public wanted more … 

Everyone (honest we checked) was talking about natural and organic products. And while you could pick them up on the high street they were scarce online … 

Our StorySo in 2008 Ben, Alasdair and Nick decided to plug the gap and launched BigGreenSmile #1 

At this point three became ‘we’ 

To make sure we could provide an exceptional service to our customers (and stock a huge range of fantabulous products) we got a warehouse in Langley with pickers, packers, a really excellent customer service team and plenty of lorry parking! 

With all that extra space we grew … and our range exploded to 1,500 in just 18 months

For the next two years we worked hard to turn BigGreenSmile into the UK’s number one destination for natural wellbeing and household products.

But it wasn’t just about range. We also wanted our customers to love what we did (because then they’d keep coming back!).

We strived to perfect our customer experience and communication, and spent many evenings discussing pricing and promotions over a glass or four of wine.

Vegan Beauty

Happily our hard work (and wine drinking) paid off, because our customers did come back … and back … and back. So we decided to expand again and in 2012 BigGreenSmile France, Germany and the Netherlands joined the family.

Then in 2015, we moved into a new warehouse which served all of our sites. This warehouse is based in Belgium (which is more central to most of our suppliers, many of whom manufacture on the continent) and to the majority of our customers.

We offer the best – and widest – choice of organic, natural and environmentally friendly products in the UK, have lots of loyal customers (and a very happy future on the horizon) … 

But we’re not resting on our laurels (or anything else) and there’s plenty more in store for BigGreenSmile. So watch this space (and your inbox) because we’ve got lots of surprises in store.

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