Our Story

Our story – making it easier to shop sustainably

Let’s rewind a few years, back to 2006. Eco-friendly household products were starting to become more popular, but it wasn’t always easy to get hold of them. If you were lucky, you lived within walking distance of a shop that sold a handful of planet-friendly products. But most people didn’t. Some products could be bought directly from the manufacturer, but that meant sticking to one brand or spending a small fortune on delivery fees.

We wanted to make it easier to shop sustainably, wherever you lived. And we wanted people to have lots of different products to choose from. So, we built a website. Within 18 months, we’d grown our range to 1,500 natural and sustainable products. (That sounds a lot, but we’re now at 7,000 and counting.) And over the next few years, Big Green Smile launched into France, Germany and the Netherlands.



Our plan has always been to showcase the best sustainable brands, from well-known names to tiny independents, to deliver great customer service, and to make our own operations as sustainable as possible. And it’s paid off, as we’re the leader in our sector.

Our vision is a world where shopping sustainably is the norm. There’s still a long way to go, but, if you’re reading this, you’re helping to make that vision a reality. So, thank you.