Our Mission


Our vision is a world where sustainable shopping is the norm. A world where people can buy the products they want without worrying about the planet. Where every shampoo is cruelty-free. Where toxic ingredients are a thing of the past, single-use plastics are just a distant memory, and all energy is clean and green.

We’re working to create a little corner of that world here at Big Green Smile.

Our mission is showcasing the best sustainable, natural brands from around the planet. That means we’re very picky about who we’ll work with. We have a strict Supplier Code of Conduct and a very long list of banned ingredients. In short, we do our homework, so you don’t have to.


No one is perfect, least of all us. But we’re trying very hard to do more. We’re always looking for ways to improve every corner of our business and also to inspire change throughout our supply chain so that we all make a positive social, economic and environmental impact. As an example, our packaging is already 100% biodegradable and our logistics operations should be 100% plastic free by the end of 2024. We’re also on track to reach net-zero for our direct emissions by 2030.

One shower gel or kitchen spray won’t change the world. But hundreds of thousands of customers across Europe who are shopping sustainably every day… That can, and will, make a pretty big impact.

So thanks for stopping by. Together, we can make things better.