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If you are looking for plastic-free products or eco friendly plastic alternatives to help you go reduce plastic waste on many of your household products, hair care or make up, then you have landed in the right place. We have a wide range of zero-waste and plastic-free brands listed at Big Green Smile, so explore and find out how you can take steps to remove virgin plastic from the system.

We have a wide range of plastic free beauty care including zero waste soapsplastic free make up and eco friendly hair care and deodorants. In our household and cleaning products range, we can supply plastic free bags and food storage, environmentally friendly alternatives with our plastic free cloths and scourers, and an excellent range of dishwashing tablets and soaps. For personal care, make the switch to plastic free sanitary products, plastic free tea bags, plasters and plastic free wipes to help reduce your environmental impact on our planet.

Plastic Free Product Ranges

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