Our Fight Against Plastic

Big Green Smile’s fight against plastic

A key topic on everyone’s mind at the moment is plastic alternatives for packaging and how plastic can be reduced or eliminated altogether for many products.  So, what are we doing to tackle this issue at Big Green Smile?

Plastic free products

Consumers are seeking out plastic free cleaning products, beauty products and other popular items such as wet wipes and this is a consumer demand that we are seeing more and more in feedback we get from our customers. We encourage our suppliers to minimise the use of plastic or to use plastic alternatives in their packaging; when reviewing new product lines for inclusion on our website, we prioritise those that contain no plastic at all. You can see our plastic free range here >>


Plastic free wipes

Demand for plastic free wipes is perhaps where the journey for plastic free products by consumers started.  We were the first UK retailer to remove plastic wipes, and we have discontinued all baby and facial wipes that contain plastic. We are continuing this journey and are looking to source wipes without outer plastic packaging as we believe that with all gains, there is still one step more to take to reduce plastic in commonly used household products. Find plastic free wipes here >>


Plastic free packaging

Plastic packaging received from suppliers with our deliveries is put straight into dedicated recycling bins that are situated around our warehouse and we encourage our suppliers to help us with our aims to reduce plastic in the supply chain. The pellets we use to protect your goods in boxed up orders are made from starch that is 100% biodegradable. These pellets offer great protection, ensuring products reach you in perfect condition and you can feel assured that being biodegradable you are not introducing more plastic into the environment . The boxes we use for packaging are also plastic free and we use paper tape with zero plastic in it to secure your boxes.


Plastic free warehouse

The operation at Big Green Smile is almost entirely plastic free. At the moment, we have to use plastic to wrap the pallets that are sent to our shipping companies - but we are working hard to source a fit-for-purpose, non-plastic alternative and aim to achieve this by the end of 2025 and would welcome approaches by suppliers that feel they can help us achieve this sustainably.


If you are looking to reduce plastic in your home, every step you take is one step closer to becoming plastic free. Take a look at what we have on offer in our range to help you introduce plastic free moisturiser and body lotions, baby wipe alternatives, plastic free face wash, hand wash and liquid soaps and much, much more in our extensive plastic free alternatives product range.