Our Credentials

Our credentials

Aside from selling amazing natural and organic products we do our best to walk our talk.

Our people

You’ve met the team (and if you haven’t, please pay us a visit). Below are just a few of the small things we do on a daily basis to help make a difference.

Our People

We walk, cycle and boat to work (whenever possible). We recycle everything we can (there’s no recycling at our offices so we take it home). We’re proud to run a paperless office. We only buy Fairtrade coffee and tea. We support local businesses in Amersham, shop organic and fresh … We use recycled loo rolls, natural cleaners and soaps. We keep the heating turned down …


Our delivery process

We have one warehouse in Belgium that manages and delivers all our stock, for all of our websites (we have websites in France, Holland and Germany as well as the UK), and we do everything we can to get your products to you in peak condition without environmental damage.


Our People


Recycled packagingWe aren’t over-zealous with our packaging and keep it to a minimum

Many of our deliveries come in cardboard boxes and we get through a lot (you can imagine!) so we use them to store stock on the shelves …

When they’re finished with we don’t throw them away - you may find your order is delivered in one

We use biodegradable, loose-fill packaging pellets to keep your order safe. They are made from natural materials and decompose or dissolve in water without any nasty side-effects

They’re reusable too – why not make compost or use them to pack your own gifts?



Our People

Our warehouse

We record the energy that we consume to power the machines, lighting and heating in our warehouse and have caculated the carbon cost using a third party calculation tool. This carbon has been offset through ClimateCare.org and invested into various carbon reduction projects making our entire business carbon neutral. The business has a target to be net zero carbon by 2030.

While we make sure our warehouse is as environmentally friendly as possible, we recognise carbon is also released through the delivery of orders. We have chosen our shipping providers based on their emissions reduction policies. If you wish, you can make a voluntary contribution to offset the carbon released. Look for the option on the shopping basket page.

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