Clean & Natural Limescale Remover

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A versatile natural Limescale Remover spray containing real lime juice. Ideal for draining boards and taps. This natural product contains fruit acid, plant based surfactant, real lime juice and essential oils for extra cleaning power and a great smell. It removes limescale, soap scum and greasy bathroom grime, leaving surfaces sparkling clean, with a pleasant citrus fragrance.

Size: 500ml

Product code:  DPLIME

Reviews of Clean & Natural Limescale Remover

4.6 out of 5 (45 reviews)
I use it in the bathroom and kitchen. It's ok product, but nothing out of the ordinary. However I love to know that it's all natural
This is a wonderful find! I used to spend hours scrubbing the taps and shower to remove lime scale deposits, but a few squirts of Clean & Natural make this task very easy!
This got rid of all the heavy limescale in my kettle quickly and easily, which no other product has - brilliant product that I'd recommend to all!
This product is excellent and has removed lime scale from my taps and left them all sparkling. If you live in a hard water area this cleaner is a godsend!
Fantastic product, we live in a very hard water area and it leaves our taps and tiles in the shower sparkling.
I have been using the products for quite a few years and will never use any other products. it is very unlike other products that damages taps, showers etc.
smells lovely and gets the limescal off the taps
This is a truly mega product - I think it can deal with just about anything. Wouldn't be without it now.
My bathroom can see the difference!
Very good and natural limescale remover, leaves a lovely shine with no watermarks and is tough on limescale.
Works very well but prefer the spray dispenser on the Ecover limescale remover.
good for removing lime scale from taps great price
Really good limescale remover, nice smell
Nice smell, only just started using this product so not sure which surfaces it works best on yet.
Dose the job well!
very use product removes limescale
Great product for metal surfaces i.e. taps, drainers etc. but not quite as good on ceramic surfaces such as tiles.
Had a few issues with limescale in shower room & bathroom
Product definately worked
I use this product in the bathroom and the kitchen - they have never looked better - this was recommended by a friend and pass on the same info to anyone that'll listen!;)
The quality is amazing.
Limescale doesn't stand a chance against this cleaner.
Great product, works great.
Works well.
Used a couple of times and seems as good as the very toxic acidic Viakal I have had to use. Do need to leave it to soak on a bit
A great product that really does work
I've used this on the limescale on my sink taps and seems to remove some but not all the limescale. Will keep trying.
Couldn't believe my eyes how strong it is! Excellent results on taps,bath screen,on ceramic tiles,sink and bath.I will never back to chemicals again.The price is fantastic,the ingredients are natural and safe.Very happy discovered such great product.
The product is great, does an excellent job. Would not go back to chemical based limescale remover again
Not used long enough to compare with Ecover product but good results so far.
Good product, removes limescale, also soap scum, leaving basin sparkling.
its good but the bottle allways leaks
used the product in both the kitchen and bathroom and feel it works as well as leading non natural brands
Great and very efficient in removing limescale. Plesantly surprised
Love this. It smells great and fresh, and does the job really well. I have been using it for almost a year and would not be without it!
Does the job
excellent product - removes limescale instantly
excellent stuff. Have been using Viakal for years but this is every bit as effective at removing limescale from around taps, baths, sinks and tiles. Will be sticking with this one.
We live in a VERY hard water area so some elbow grease is required but this is the best natural limescale remover I've tried
extremely effective
I have just tried the lemon and lime limescale remover and find it excellent! It does the job that the Ecover multi surface remover and limescale remover did in one bottle. I have used it for all my cleaning jobs this week and think I will swap the 2 other products for this one.
i use this on sinks taps my shower its fantastic
Great natural product and works well too.
Excellent for the bathroom. Leaves tiles sparkling clean.
me and my partner set up a cleaning company this product is by far the best atgeting limescale off silver coloured taps i.e stanless steal. its also leaves a brilliant shine and is good on sinks althoug i do say check the label bofre using.
Works a treat on limescale build up around taps and on shower curtain.
Great product, use it in my bathroom to get rid of lime deposits. I am still in the transition phase from bleaches, so don't find it as effective, but realise it is healthier for the entire household.
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