Dri-Pak Citric Acid

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In the UK many parts of the country are in hard water areas. The white deposits that build up on kettle elements are perhaps the most instantly recognisable sign of limescale deposits - but they can also be found on taps, showerheads and even in the grout between tiles. And then there are limescale deposits that can't be seen - such as in coffee machines, washing machines, steam irons and the heating elements of babies' sterilisers.

It is recommended that you descale such appliances regularly; the harder your water (you can ask your water company how 'hard' the water is in your area), the more regularly it will need doing. Left untreated, your energy bills will rise (as electricity is used to heat the limescale first) and the sooner the equipment will fail.

Using acid is the simplest method of removing limescale deposits and our citric acid uses the same active ingredients found in fruit and vegetables - most notably lemons and limes!

More Citric Acid may be required initially if limescale has had chance to build up, but after that, use regularly to keep limescale at bay.


Ingredients 100% Citric acid
Contents: 250g
Product code:  DPCITRIC

Reviews of Dri-Pak Citric Acid 4.7 out of 5 (32 reviews)

A great way to manage limescale in the washing machine as we live in a very hard water area.
excellent for liemscale
Versatile product.
Used for descaling machines, toilets and drains. Like that it is environmentally friendly, especially with kids around the house.
DRI-PAK products are always great value and have many uses.
Useful for clearing limescale.
Put spoonful in tea pot, pour on boiling water, leave until cold. Great! Limescale deposit removed, no odour or taste left behind, just rinse out well before next pot of tea.
Perfect kettle descaler etc. No obtrusive smells and much cheaper than the tablets.
Have used this in washing machine, it seams ok but as I cannot see inside machine I am not sure if it is effective or not, but will use again.
I use it to clean my washing machine - removes limescale and leaves a pleasant smell.
Tried making my own dishwasher powder using citric acid, washing soda, bicarbonate of soda and salt. works like a dream and leaves no marks on the dishes.
Got rid of the brown limescale stains in my toilet, that no amount of scrubbing would shift! Also cleaned the limescale from my kettle in just 15 mins.
used for effective cleaning of dishwasher and washing mashine.
Perfect for easily descaling my kettle which suffers from being in a very hard water area.
Everything about the order was ok
good descaler. Environmentally friendly and works well and quickly for kettles and showerheads
Brilliant for descaling the kettle and iron, will also be using it in the washing machine and dishwasher in the future. Great product.
Good item, wish it came in a plastic container.
I use this in cleaning house n laundry
Used for descaling.
Good Product
Excellent quality product I use for descaling my iron, washing machine and toilets.
Love it. Great for discaling kettles. Use it all the time
This cleaned my kettle really well.
Fantastic product for cleaning dishwashes, would recommend it to anyone, much better, then more expensive chemical products.
Does what it says.
Good quality product, suitable for cleaning and de-scaling kettles,shower heads and bathroom/kitchen taps. Would recommend to
friends and family.
Cleaned my kettle like new within 15 minutes.
Great for keeping the washing machine, clean and fresh. Use it about every 2 months
Good descaler
Nothing descales better than citric acid. and no harmfull chemicals.
Trying it as a toilet cleaner - getting rid of limescale.
good product
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