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Droguerie Ecologique Sodium Percarbonate 1KG

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(£6.30 per kg)

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(£6.30 per kg)

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Sodium percarbonate from Droguerie Ecologique is an excellent bleaching agent that’s ideal for keeping your laundry naturally white by helping to prevent the greying of fabric from limescale build-up. Also referred to as an Oxygen Bleach, sodium percarbonate is a powder made of sodium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide that sounds like a nasty chemical but that breaks down into water, soda ash and oxygen when dissolved in water. 

When used as a natural stain remover, it quickly and completely dissolves a wide range of stubborn stains, including tea, coffee, red wine, grass, fruit stains, sweat and blood leaving behind no environmental impact. As well as having a number of uses around the home, it is also an excellent product to use to kill bacteria, fungi, mildew and viruses so can also be used outdoors as a moss killer or for controlling algae in standing water. 

  • Derived from natural raw materials (salt, water and chalk)
  • An 'Oxygen Bleach' which is a natural alternative to bleach products
  • Alkaline pH softens water
  • Increases the effectiveness of cleaning agents
  • Contains no chloride or phosphates, which cause huge damage to our rivers
  • Low environmental impact
  • Use in laundry, around the home and in the garden
  • Plastic-free packaging

Instructions for use:
Put 1 or 2 tablespoons of sodium percarbonate in your washing machine drum to restore whiteness and/or remove coloured stains. Turn the machine on and select a program (at least 40°C but preferably 60°C). In case of severely stained textiles, soak the item in a bowl full of hot water with 2 tablespoons of percarbonate. Put it in the machine afterwards and run through your normal wash cycle.

Part of the range of eco friendly laundry products available from Big Green Smile.  Take a look at the other natural cleaning products from Droguerie Ecologique.

Ingredients Sodium carbonate peroxyhydrate > 90% made with soda crystals added to hydrogene peroxide. These components are resulting from natural raw materials (salt, water, chalk).
Contents: 1kg
Product code:  DROGNATRIPER1KG

Reviews of Droguerie Ecologique Sodium Percarbon... 4.5 out of 5 (8 reviews)

A lovely product will buy again
Best laundry bleach I’ve found
No comment not used
I bought Sodium Percarbonate for laundry and it seems doing its job.
I didn’t try it yet, but already saw how it’s used to make home made cleaning products, so I don’t have doubts it will work.
I used this as on alternative to bleach to brighten the tiles in my shower and I would recommend it.
Fantastic to be able to buy this; works better than the pink plastic tub stuff with none of the nasties.
I didn't find that this was a very effective stain remover at all. Make-up transfer didn't wash out, general *** was still grubby after a wash. I work on a ballet of Romeo & Juliet where we use stage blood & it didn't even touch it. Clothes came out mildly pink. I won't be buying this again..
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