Dri-Pak Liquid Soap

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Dri-Pak Liquid Soap contains only natural pure soap with no added perfumes or ingredients, making it ideal for those with sensitive skin or are prone to allergies. This eco friendly liquid soap is completely vegan and cruelty-free. In addition, Dri-Pak Liquid Soap does not contain palm oil - the vegetable component of the soap is derived from sunflower and coconut oil. The liquid is instantly soluble and does not form a gel in cold water. It can be used at cool wash temperatures, requiring less energy per wash. It’s also suitable for cleaning delicate fabrics including wool, lace, silk and leather.

  • Pure liquid soap for laundry, cleaning and personal care
  • Fragrance free preservative
  • 12 wash loads per bottle
  • An eco friendly alternative to conventional cleaning products

How to use Dri-Pak Liquid Soap:

To use Dripak liquid cleaning soap in an automatic washing machine, simply add between one and two capfuls (depending on the water hardness) to the detergent drawer and select the desired programme according to the garment washing instructions.

Dri-Pak produces a range of traditional household cleaning and laundry products that are incredibly versatile and do not contain any harmful chemicals, enzymes or phosphates. Dri Pak Liquid Soap for cleaning is part of the range of natural all purpose cleaning products available at Big Green Smile.

Ingredients Aqua
Potassium Sunflowerate
Potassium Cocoate
Potassium Citrate
Citric Acid
Tetrasodium Iminodisuccinate
Tetrasodium Etidronate
Contents: 750ml
Product code:  DPSOAPFLAKE

Reviews of Dri-Pak Liquid Soap 4.7 out of 5 (37 reviews)

I like this product
Use for delicates & woollens - having very sensitive skin, this liquid soap doesn't cause irritation
I used this in my washing-up dispenser, it turns cloudy when comes into contact with water and the non-smell is a bit weird. But works well.
Great for laundry hand washing/general cleaning and you only need a small amount!
I’ve just used this for four washes, from delicates to white towels (with Oxi Boost for whites and Borax substitute for the others) and I’m impressed. Excellent results.
Absolutely fantastic for hand washing delicates, environmentally friendly nappies, tights as well as compression and jumpers that have embellishments. Protects the ecosystems and Vegan friendly too.
Really changed my life don't know how I could live without it
Great value.
All products use regularly and recommend them.
This was recommended to me for cleaning waterproof walking clothing between tech-washes. It is an effective laundry product, kind to skin.
This product is very useful for clothes that need hand washing.
Fabulous versatile product, leaves great cleaning results on clothes whilst being non irritating and also gentle but effective at cleaning hands and many other things. So many uses I just wish it could be bought in a 5ltr bottle size to reduce plastic use. Highly recommend
Pleasant smell easy onto use.
Use this for the last four years on my laundry and now use it for washing hands and face as well as cleaning. I have recommended this product to friends and family. Great quality and really good on sensitive skin which my disabled daughter has.
Fabulous stuff this. I use it to launder towels and for hand soap and general cleaning. Great price too.
For all the family
Very useful.
Excited to discover Dri-Pak and their range of chemical free, sustainable products. At last I have found a product that I can use without worrying about harsh chemical reactions.
I use this to wash the floors, washing woollens, I would recommend this to everyone, the product is easy to use and works
Excllent for outdoor clothing products
Works well in the washing machine. Clothes feel soft after washing.
I use it for *** and items that don't accept detergents.
Basic, no distracting perfume, unfancy packaging, does the job.
Great for my outdoor wear and for the things I wash for my dog who has many allergies
Using this to make my own floor cleaner for the mop bucket. It brings the floor up nice and clean when diluted with water and a few drops of essential oils and a little goes a long way.
I used liquid soap flakes to wash my shower proof garments. I love the fact that I can use it in my washing machine and no problems with excess foaming.
I always use this for washing in preference to a detergent. I think this is better for my skin and comfort
Washes well. Often use it on tights and don’t like the smell it leaves but good for my sensitive skin.
Long time user of the dry flakes, but recently ran out and Dripak don't make them anymore. This is the new alternative. It works well in the washing machine.
Use it for all machine washing. Does the job every time.
This is a good product and only need small amount
For washing delicates , I would recommend it to anyone who washes delicate clothes. So much easier to use than soap flakes.
I've used this twice in a handwash and am not entirely sure about it yet. I washed some black tops and underwear that had deodorant marks on them which didn't come out. I had to refashion in a stronger detergent. I don't particularly like the feel of the water with this product. It feels slightly greasy but I may just be not used to having no soap suds. I am not yet sure about this.
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this product. Washing all my clothes, towels and other bits. Don't need to use softner and you aren't overwhelmed by artificial smells all day long. Actually keeps my whites, white. Environmentally friendly. Great for anyone who cares about the environment and or who has anyone suffering with skin conditions. Even mild enough to use on new born baby clothes. Definite thumbs up!
as expected
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