Bio-D Laundry Bleach

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(£0.53 per 100g)

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(£0.53 per 100g)

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To complete the range, an oxygen based antibacterial and sanitizing in wash whitener, odour and stain remover is available.

Use in conjunction with Bio-D Laundry Liquid or Wash Powder to remove stains and to keep whites light and colours bright.

  • Fragrance Free, hypoallergenic, suitable for sensitive skin
  • Anti-bacterial, fungicidal and includes an oxygen based bleaching agent for stain removal
  • Try it in the loo and it's also great at getting tea stains out of mugs just by soaking
  • Made in the UK
  • Sustainable, naturally derived raw materials
  • No petrochemicals, phosphates, preservatives, enzymes or synthetic perfumes
  • BUAV and Vegan Society Approved
  • Safe for septic tanks and cess pits
  • Readily biodegradable
  • Recycled and recyclable packaging - cardboard & LDPE 100% recyclable
  • Anti bacterial action
  • Great on stubborn stains and odours
  • Works at low temperatures
  • Enough for 26 washes
  • Non-irritant

How to use

Machine wash: Add one tablespoon (15g) of Laundry Bleach to your wash, in addition to your normal Bio-D detergent. Hand Wash: Add one tablespoon (15g) of Laundry Bleach for every 5 litres of water to your normal Bio-D detergent. Ensure the Powder is fully dissolved. Soaking: Add one tablespoon (15g) of Laundry Bleach for every 5 litres of water in addition to your normal Bio-D detergent. Ensure the powder is fully dissolved.

Ingredients 5-15%: Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Percarbonate, Organic Sequestering Agent. Below 5%: Anionic Surfactant, Cellulose Colloids.
Contents: 400g
Product code:  BDLAUNBOOST

Reviews of Bio-D Laundry Bleach 4.5 out of 5 (127 reviews)

I soak my cleaning cloths, they are always ready to be used again and again.
Always add a spoonful to every wash (*** and coloureds) to supercharge the detergent.
Bio D are the tools.
wouldnt buy anything else.
Does a good job of whitening white washing.
does the job
Used this for the first time in a white wash and it seemed fine.
If useful this product in coloureds and *** and was very pleased with the results.
Product is good but dislike the unnecessary plastic packing inside the cardboard box. Other manufacturers are able to sell the same without plastic packaging.
Great product
Works well to get out any persistent stains.
Has had some tomato sauce stained clothes (thanks toddlers!) come up really well. Had to dry one item in the sun to get its maximum stain release effect
First time I have bought this and it all seems to be working very well so far.
Hooray. As a house owner with a septic tank. I was aware that I need to avoid traditional bleaches but dish clothes etc. Look very grey. This works!
Says what it does on the box
1 tablespoon of this works well combined with the eco egg to keep *** white and also as a pre soak for stains
Really good in washing, being used in combination with soapnuts for towel washes
Have only used once so far and I think it made a difference. School shirts look nice and bright
It removes stains for my partner's chef *** really well! I was also happy to see they'd replaced the inner plastic bag for a more eco friendly packaging.
Does the job for me. I use Mabu dishcloths which should not be machine washed to remove stains, but a small amount of this in boiling water overnight gives acceptable results.
Helps to keep the whites nice and bright.
used on bedding and towels , happy with the results
Brightens the whites.
Doesn't work on all stains (a little sunshine and rain lifts the rest!) but does a great job with no adverse reactions.
Works brilliantly, got my girls white school socks nearly back to white again on the bottom of the socks which no other stain remover brand has managed !
I can use it with my Eco egg and it stops whites from going yellow/grey.
I used this product with my eco egg and it does help with keeping my whites nice and I use it in my colour wash to help get rid of any odours. I would recommend this and have already done so.
This works just as well as I expected it to . Love the Bio D products .
This product does what it says- what more can I say but try it.
We've known about Bio-D products for some time. We like them for 2 reasons. 1) they're harmless and 2) in our experience they work really well. They don't feel like a compromise.
Soaking cloths and cleaning out boat shower pump as water pumped out into canal
I have found all the products i have bought to be good
It made a difference to my white wash.
Very effective. I buy this regularly.
I've added this to whites with food stains etc with good results. It states its made with active oxygen so is this the same as the other products in the supermarkets? I love the cardboard packaging
So far so good - and I like that it comes in a cardboard box. They could do with losing the plastic packaging on the inside!
Works well to keep whites white.
I use a small scoop of this in every wash except woollens. It is a great addition to use with gentle liquid detergents as a stain & bacteria remover, my laundry is clean & smelling fresh. It is good quality & I prefer this brand.
Used to make my own soap powder, great product
Helps where extra cleaning is needed but doesn’t make whites brilliantly white as I’d like.
Gives a great boost to my eco egg for stubborn stains and whites.
I got this to whiten tired sheets but was a bit disappointed. will try again using more.
great for soaking out stains or adding to a wash for extra brightness, i have 3 boys and it is great for school shirts!
A tiny packet with a small amount of product that packs a punch and does everything that a supermarket plastic boxed more expensive version achieves.
Tried this out on a few washes, brilliant results so far- even on my partner's stinky MTB clothing. It's easy to add to the wash and kills off any nasties as well as helping to remove stains. Will rebuy.
Removed much of the stains when used as a pre-soak and in the main wash. Ground in dirt so better than expected and I would have been amazed if they had gone completely.
First time I've ever tried this and I'm impressed!
Does the job without harming the fabrics.
No animal testing, enviroment friendly and not worse than any other chemical products.
It does its job! Once you start to soak laundry overnight before washing
Good product and gives vanish oxy a run for its money. I use this with my towels to give an extra boost.
Works Ok but I've found not as good as other brands
Don’t need to use bleach , bio laundry is great !
Doesn’t remove stains by soaking in a bowl of water with it or as an additional to the machine wash.
nothing special did not really improve
like this product I have used it for several months now
Leaves a chemical smell so extra rinse required.
Whitening boost, no perfume.
good stuff
Bio-D laundry bleach is good for keeping whites white, and removing minor stains from coloured clothes as well. It works best on whites when left to soak, but make sure that you are only soaking whites as some colours can bleed if left too long. It also works on things other than clothing: I use it to clean and sanitise my compost pail and stained tea pots.
I've been using a branded laundry bleach and thought I'd try this as its better for the environment.
I have a lot of white clothes and bedding and I love how one tablespoon of this powder brings everything up glowing white. I tend not to use biological wash liquids if I can help it because I'm not convinced that they're not harming the health of our waterways. I'll continue to use a non bio spot on stain remover and this instead.
Grey shirts are gone with this handy little box of magic. Keeps all our whites looking fresh and bright.
No reactions to the product and helps to get the clothes that extra bit white and clean!
Great easy to use product.
Add to a white wash to brighten things up.
Good packing in cardboard box.
Always use in my clothes washing along with Bio D washing liquid, even my dark washes. Helps to eliminate ours from socks etc, without bleaching them lighter. We put in just one or 2 tablespoons per wash.
Love this product only have to use a little to get a great result
Used for all white laundry and appears to do an excellent job. Works well.
Great product! I was worried when I saw the relatively small size of the box, but you only need a tablespoon adding to the wash. Definitely helps lift stains.
I use this Bleach in conjunction with the Eco-Egg laundry ball and it gives brilliant results.
The Bio-D bleach is as good a stain remover as the chemical filled ones in my opinion, it's only a fraction of the price though and is safe and ethical.
Cleans with kindness!
This is a good product BUT it doesn't get rid of stains on an 'in-wash'. I will try soaking the clothes. It does work on brightening your whites.
Works better on some products than others. Overall v pleased
I use this product to give my whites an extra boost
Would recommend to anyone whose whites are looking less than white
A great quality product :-)
Our household is just my partner and myself with family & friend stays. Just started using this product only occasionally as needed, and found a small amount goes a long way. It has the required strength to remove stains, whiten whites yet is cruelty free and kind to the environment!
Seems to be working well so far. Seems like a reasonable price in comparison to brands like Vanish which can be about £5 or more for a similar amount.
Definitely whiter whites
So far brill results. Two children and mucky clothes come clean with the powder. Definitely carry on using.
Good to find a cruelty free bleach for washing
Use this on whites to help keep them bright. Used In mugs to remove tea stains works really well and no harmful chemicals to worry about. Nicely packaged
seems to be working a treat.
My wash was much whiter
love the way this is packaged.
Great product - no chemicals or nasty perfume. Bought as we have an asthmatic in the house, it has definitely reduced the frequency of an attack.
Great to use
Good for washing and safe enough for cleaning stained tea cups
Great for whites, added for an extra kick in the wash! Also great for extra dirty stuff that needs to be disinfected (kids sicky bedding, pet bedding and such like)
Now this small box of magic is fantastic , I have beautiful white bedding and towels and this product keeps my whites like new.
Great for whites
This was a big shock it worked so well and removed stains with no problem. The price is excellent but now I have used it I would pay more.
When my mugs get stained I used quite expensive bleach but this works better and you use less
The quality seems good. I'm yet to use it just on my whites so they stay bright.
Great product, use it on my whites each week, just put it into the drawer of the machine. Add your detergent/softener, and it works a treat!
This product is amazing, it brings back the whiteness to your wash, but make sure you soak it for 24 hours then good results will reward
Good stuff. Sturdy packaging means it stays dry, unlike the Ecover equivalent,
this is good it does clean soiled whites .nice to know you no putting bleach or harsh chemicals on your clothes
good quality product, effective, bio, overall I am very satisfied with the purchase
Works fine at 15 C. I use it as a boost for white washes or as pre-wash for difficult stains.
Really works to keep things white great that it's a sanitiser too
I pop a scoop of this under my laundry in the drum, and then a scoop of bio-d laundry powder in the washing powder tray. Excellent results. Whites come out white. Excellent value.
I used it to soak a shower curtain because we have a particularly humid bathroom prone to mold. It wasn't great but I'll try again.
Great natural product which is kind to washing and skin and the quality and price are good
I add this to my regular white washes, so far with satisfactory results. It seems to be gentle but effective enough to leave my whites brighter.
I use this with the Bio-D Non-Bio Washing powder and its great. It washes really well and gets whites really white. Love the fact it has no perfumed smell.
I dont know whether it made a difference so wouldnt buy it again.
Much kinder than ordinary washing bleach, use just a tablespoon in your wash & it boosts your washing powder/liquid giving your whites a extra clean vibrancy,
Adds a boost for heavy stained and white items
So glad and relieved at last to have a laundry bleach alternative.
Really works! Good value.
great product
Boosts the standard liquid nicely.
ideal for adding to a white wash of linen and towels
Very good product
works on some stains
this it of a boost to gives a boost to the white wash or any any staines
A good product I would recommend to anyone who wants to enhance coloir and freshness to washing
use in addition to Eco laundry balls when a little more washing power required.
Only used it a couple of times but seems to help make whites brighter.
very good
Excellent product
Hope it will be good. Haven't used it yet.
I add this to my whites and also to my husband's shirts to help dirty marks on collars disappear. Works well.
This is an excellent product which I use in conjunction with Ecover laundry liquid to help out whites.
It is definitely something I will continue to use.
At last a product I can use instead of the very exspensive (and increasingly hard to find boost). This product works even better as there is no noticeable smell (bad lungs you see).So yes I would definitely recommend it.
Love all bio-d laundry products.
very good
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