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Bio-D Non-Bio Concentrated Washing Powder 2kg

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Bio-D washing powder is a versatile, non-biological, concentrated Washing Powder for use in Automatics, Twin-tubs and for washing by hand.

  • Fragrance Free, hypoallergenic, suitable for sensitive skin
  • Made in the UK from sustainable, naturally derived raw materials
  • No petrochemicals, phosphates, preservatives, enzymes or synthetic perfumes


How to use: 
Suitable for water temperatures 30° - 90°C. Always follow instructions on garment label.

Hand Wash: Ensure the powder is fully dissolved before immersing clothes. Always rinse garments thoroughly in clean water before drying.

Hand Care:  After each hand wash, rinse your hands thoroughly in clean water and dry. People with damaged skin should pay particular attention to this instruction and avoid prolonged contact with the washing solution or wear protective gloves.

Fabric Care: Always test for fastness and wash non-fast coloureds and whites separately. For stubborn stains or extra whitening, use in conjunction with Bio-D Laundry Bleach.

Choose from the range of Bio D laundry products that includes Bio D laundry liquidwashing powderfabric conditioner and more. At Big Green Smile, we also carry a range of Bio-D 5L laundry refills and 20L bulk buy laundry liquid refills to help you reduce plastic waste and your carbon footprint.

As with all Bio-D products - an ethically motivated company that produces wonderful natural cleaning products here in the UK - the raw materials used are never tested on animals and they are all GM free.

Ingredients 15-30%: Zeolite, Soda Ash. 5-15%: Sodium Metasilicate, Sodium Percarbonate. Below5%: Anionic Surfactant, Vegetable Soap, Cellulose Colloids.
Contents: 2kg
Product code:  BDWASH2

Reviews of Bio-D Non-Bio Concentrated Washing Po... 4.6 out of 5 (105 reviews)

Lovely washing powder
I have used this for a couple of months now and it works really well. No smell. I add percarbonate to white washes and stained towels and also use vinegar in the rinse. Will buy again.
Perfect for my new Biomass system and gets my clothes just as clean as before.
Love this product bio D has significant eco credentials. What’s more is it’s very effective at making laundry clean
This clogs into a solid lump in the drawer of my machine, so unless I'm standing over it to poke it down, very little of it actually goes into the wash. Won't be buying again.
The best laundry powder!
I use 1 small scope along with a small amount of Sal Suds and clothes are always fresh and clean:)
Washes well considering it’s non bio. Sometimes a little help is needed for tougher stains but doesn’t seem to be an issue. Like that it’s fragrance free, I hate the overpowering smell of regular washing powders from the supermarket. I buy this all the time.
Gets clothes clean whilst being kind to the environment
I've been using soap nuts for a long time but find they don't always work on stinky work tops. (Sorry for too much information lol).
Anyway I have researched to find a good eco friendly green washing powder and I've found it, clothes come out clean and no longer smell. A happy customer x
stuck in dispenser
Excellent eco washing powder, lasts well, washes well!
Works well
For a washing powder it doesn't like getting wet. Put in the dispenser draw and after the wash I found a solid mass in the dispenser. Seems to work better if you put the powder direct into the drum, but limits your cycle options. Fine for me, I'm a clean boy. Seems to work well.
Great that it has no fragrance and no plastic packaging. Great for cloth nappies, cloth pads and baby clothes.
*** a good job 👍
Takes a bit of getting used to as no suds but it seems to work. With four children in the house I use this every day and know it will not irritate their skin. Good quality product
Great to not have to buy a box
Good product ... poor packaging.
This is my first try of this product but I'm happy so far although I think it's quite a bit more expensive than my usual choice but it's much better for the environment
Nice smell to this powder and although only have done a light wash seems all good
Love it, and the packaging too
Great product
Does an excellent job with minimal damage to the environment.
As good as any other comparable product, good price. I'd recommend it to anyone intelligent enough to realise hype and fancy packaging are not necessary.
Really like this washing powder good cleaning power. I use with soda crystals for that extra brightness for ***. Again minimal packaging is a plus for me as trying to reduce single plastic use.
Good stuff
Great product
Uses very little to do a good wash
I use this for all clothes washing as it's so good. I bought it especially for use with cloth nappies. Got a mud stain out of a girls playsuit without added stain remover in wash !
Very good, does everything it should. Clean clothes with no chemical scent.
Me and my daughter have sensitive skin and had no reactions.
Also cleans cloth nappies well.
No specific comments.
Absolutely brilliant. Washes clean every time and rinses out easily, leaving no residues behind. All the washing is lovely and soft without the need for using fabric softener. Particularly good for washing whites, sheets & towels
Pleased with this product and cheaper than previous brand. I would recommend to others who are environmentally aware.
It is so good! Best I've ever used!
Cleans your clothes without leaving a soapy smell or feeling like they've been washed through harsh chemicals
Great for all the family. Gentle smell. Apparently deals with whites better than grandma's usual brand (non eco friendly)
Doesn’t remove stains.
No measuring cup.
Requires a lot of powder per wash
A nice greener alternative. I use with bio d laundry bleach for whites.
Packaging was damaged but no product had escaped so I'm happy.
Excellent product for people with sensitive skin.
Have been using it for more than a year now after trying others. This works.
Only downside is, that on occasion, very rarely it does not dissolve fully, leaves marks on clothes, so they need to be washed again.
Good stuff.
We use this in our daily washes. Perfect for my boys sensitive skin and actually cleans clothes too! You only need a small amount so its cost effective and safe for the environment.
THis powder is excellent for washing and I use it for soaking stainless steel coffee and tea pots or when I need a stronger solution than my washing up liquid. I use another product for everyday washing that I find affects me less but this is a good back up for me and for harder to clean items,
We bought an eco-egg and felt like it wasn't enough and our smelly gym clothes needed an extra boost. This makes a difference
Great cleaning power and clothes smell fresh and soft.
Like this powder but do need to add more than stated on the dosage instructions to get good results.
The bag it comes in split in transit down the seam so would be good if manufacturer improved on the glue used!
This powder is very effective and great for sensitive skin.
not too sure Im impressed with this
Brilliant washing powder. Does a great job. Very pleased.
Have been using Ecover for around 25 years...thought I would give this a try for a change...good...but I prefer Ecover....
Better cleaning power than ecover.
Always use this....excellent results.
I would recommend
Perfect for people with egzema
Having happily used Ecover for years I decided to try Bio D as I approve of the Bio D company ethics, policies, UK manufacture, price etc - I was ready to be disappointed as I have loved Ecover but the Bio D has been perfectly good at taking its place.
Does the job
Is by far the best product on the market for washing cloths. I recommend this product to any one who has a problem with your skin and anyone who suffers with food intolerance and many other problems. I always recommend this to my clients for improving health and reducing the chemical overload on the body. I have tested many different washing powder/liquids and conditioners on my clients and Bio-D always comes out on top. Ian Sheppard, Stamford
Good cruelty free product
I bought this product for its environmental credentials and because it is "Made in Britain". It works perfectly well and I would recommend it to anyone.
Works well, no complaints.
Very good. Better than tablets
I use it for family laundry. I have recommended to friends and also given some for them to try. I'm happy with the quality of the product, especially because it's sustainable.
Good product used for washing
Very good! More effective than some of the well-known brands. No allergic reactions or strong smells. Will continue to use it.
was looking for a washing powder that was kind to skin, and good for hand washing- THIS IS IT!

never been able to work out how much washing powder to use but the instructions and amount are clear (spoon measurements!)

a joy to use no fragrance and offers so much more-biodegradable, raw material ect, very very pleased.
Great for skin allergies. Gives a clean wash.
I use Bio-D on all of our laundry from nappies to school uniform, it gets things clean and fresh! Great value when on offer, (as it regularly is) will continue to buy!
After trying eco balls for some time and not liking how my clothes smelt after a wash I tried this product and have found my new favorite. Cleans well and leaves clothes fresh! Some stubborn stains need a bit of a stain remover (eco obviously ) No itching or irritation! Brilliant and a good price.
Bought it as I think we need more such companies producing non toxic and good for skin and environment products. Very happy to have Bio D.
Use due to family chemical sensitivity, does the job.
Everything I've washed has come out nice and clean. Would recommend.
used this for a while now, like that it doesn't smell, and cleans as well as any top brand.
this is great,washes as well as any good washing strong smell,cant rate this enough
I love this for our cloth nappies and clothes, leaves no residue or scent. Gentle on skin
The washing powder is for my babies nappies. Works well but I would prefer the packaging to be card or some recyclable/compostable material instead of plastic lined paper.
Washes well.
All round good quality
Washes really well and doesn't have a horrible perfumed smell like the main brands supermarkets sell. I love this stuff and will be buying more.
I love it.
Excellent value. Cleans well without damaging the environment
Not much of a scent... which its rather refreshing.
I find this very good.
I use only one scoop of bio-D washing powder, which works well for me.
If I have stubborn stains then I use fairy hard soap which I rub in wet and then wash off. Afterwards the items goes into the wash and the powder works fine.
Still to try but pressented very well
Use for bedding and towels, it doesn't remove stubborn stains and I sometimes have to use a whitener.
Great, bad stains need a little help from the other Bio D product but I find it compare more than favourably with the usual supermarket product, and without the awful smell that comes with those products
Product is very good
Fantastic product I have very sensitive skin and struggled with washing powders as everything I used just made me itch. No more Bio D is fantastic.
love this powder works well on boys grubie uniform
Hope it will be good. Haven't used it yet.
Use this for items that have more stains- husband's shirts and with a white wash.

Fantastic for sensitive more itching!
Washes very effectively, doesn't harm the environment and made in the UK. Brilliant
Pleased with this, works as well as Ecover and is also a little more concentrated, so i use less.
Originally I changed from ecover as Bio-D is British made and I wanted to support my country. Not disappointed!
chemical free clean and works really well
good washing results economical
See above - however it doesn't remove all stains from tablecloths and bedding. Sometimes I have to use vanish to remove stubborn stains.
Definitely does the trick & cleans my clothes. Small niggle; I felt a bit betrayed when I cut open the nice "looks eco-friendly" brown paper bag to discover that it was just a white plastic bag with brown paper covering. Why not just put it in a cardboard box? I'm no scientist, but I wonder if they could use a natural wax treatment for waterproofing.
Great product for those with any allergies - and gets clothes clean at low temperatures.
for whites
good for cottons and others
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