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Did you know that by extending the life of your clothes by 9 months, you can reduce their carbon, water, and landfill footprint by up to 30%?

Made in the UK using carefully selected ingredients, Clothes Doctor create non-bio eco friendly detergents and plastic free clothing care products in infinitely recyclable aluminium bottles to help you bring new life to your clothes. Ditch the dry cleaner and join the slow fashion movement with Clothes Doctor.

Using real essential oils, Clothes Doctor eco detergents smell naturally gorgeous and are formulated to give your clothes some soft power while removing stains effectively, even at low temperatures. Their range of highly concentrated, sustainable laundry products are all vegan, cruelty-free and palm oil free.

Choose from Clothes Doctor plastic free laundry products, eco washing powder, natural fabric softener, stain and odour removers and sustainable clothing care products, all available as part of the range of eco friendly laundry products at Big Green Smile.

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