Bentley Organic Hand Sanitiser

(£9.40 per 100ml)

Bentley Organic Hand Sanitiser

(£9.40 per 100ml)
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Bentley Organic Hand Sanitiser with Organic Aloe Vera will kill up to 99.9% of germs. It’s a best-selling natural hand sanitiser in our wider range of hand sanitizers, offering a natural, organic, fragrance free and eco friendly alternative to harsh chemical based hand sanitisers on the market.

Bentley Organic Hand Sanitizer is made with a unique formula that is gentle on you but tough on germs. Proven to kill 99.9% of germs, and made with Organic Aloe Vera which will moisturise your skin.

It's been tested and passed by a British Government Laboratory and will kill E-Coli, listeria, salmonella, H1N1 Influenza Virus and Swine Flu. It has also proved effective against the H1N1 Influenza A virus.  

  • 50ml bottles that are a great pocket size for taking out and about with you
  • Up to 125 applications per bottle
  • No need for water and towels
  • Made with 90% Organic Ingredients - Soil Association Certified
  • Moisturising lotion that contains 27% Aloe Vera
  • Alcohol, paraben and fragrance free hand sanitizer
  • Proven to kill 99.9% of germs

From the Bentley Organic range, made right here in the UK bringing affordable organic haircare, body care, baby care and household products to people at reasonable prices.

Instructions for use:
Apply one pump of sanitizer on your hands and rub in thoroughly until dry. Use within 12 months of opening.

Please note: this product has not yet been tested against Covid-19 and the government recommends washing your hands regularly with soap and water and/or using a hand sanitiser with an alcohol level of 60% or more instead.


Aqua (Water), Glycerin, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder*, Lauryl Betaine, Lactic Acid, Citrus Grandis (Grapefruit) Seed Extract, Citrus Grandis (Grapefruit) Fruit Extract, Citrus Aurantium Bergamia (Bergamot) Fruit Extract, Citrus Tangerina (Tangerine) Extract, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Fruit Extract, Potassium Sorbate.
* Certified Organically Grown Ingredient



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Customer reviews 4.8 out of 5 (69 reviews)

L. H., Dorset
This is a good product. Sometimes, I suffer from eczema on my hands. This cream keeps the palms of my hands nice and soft.
F. S., Miltown Malbay
Excellent hand sanitiser, good amount of foam and not sticky, have been using it for years. It's an ideal size for handbags, pockets, car etc. Also my husband who can only use one hand finds it very easy to use.
Mrs L. O., Wigan
Handy size easy to use when out
C. W., Herts
This is the best sanitizer around, it foams so is easy to absorb and rub in and takes 1 squirt only. Isn’t sticky or smell of alcohol, this is the only one I’m using from now on
L. W., London
Easy to use dispenser. Cleans hands effectively and dries quickly leaving my skin soft and no irritation. Highly recommend for eczema sufferers or contact dermatitis.
Very pleased with this hand sanitiser, particularly for my grandchildren as it is much gentler and has no strong scent.
Mrs H. F., Bedford
Pocket size. Smells great and doesn’t sting tour hands
G. S., Bristol
Great product, superior to any mainstream chemical hand sanitiser option. Handy size
M. C., Chelmsford
Use this product constantly and always have in my car it doesnt dry my hands out like some tradituonal sanitisers and drys quickly - love it
S. G., Keighley
Pleasant smell easy to use.
R. H., Wheathampstead
I am sensitive to products and they make me cough. My cough has been worse since the pandemic as people have been using hand santizer regularly. I have been using this for myself and family and this does not irritate.
C. W., Hull
Keep it in my bag so that I’ve always got something to Use to clean my hands.
S. C., Newmarket
Great ***bag sized *** ***. I use it when I’m out and about when it’s not always possible to wash or dry ***s
I like the product and sought it out
C. L. K., Harrogate
S. W., Newton Stewart
Amazing product, the first sanitiser that ain’t dried out my hands. Very southing on the skin.
P. J., Surrey
Good hand sanitizer but it doesn't say that it *** the noro virus. Would prefer it if it *** this virus.
N. Z., London
Great product for the whole family. Ideal when your out and about. Smells good, absorbed easily into skin. Would definitely recommend.
Z. A., Chorley
love the hand sanitisers but my favourite is the lemon one think its got more moisture in it
T. W., Surrey
yes, we like this one. small enough to take with you in handbag/rucksack for holiday/days out. foamy.. so easy to use.
Mrs J. H., Edenbridge
I like the fact that it's natural but the packaging is difficult to carry around, the *** top came undone and most of the bottle leaked into my handbag! Will try using sellotape on my next bottle
S. T., Edinburgh
Use for work. Good product.
L. G., Stoke by Nayland
I normally use this on myself and my daughter whilst out walking the dog. Very convenient and unlike wet wipes there isn't any waste. Great for times when you can't wash your hands with water. Smells good and doesn't dry out hands.
S. C., Ellon
I take this product in my baby bag , car and buggy. Having just gone on to more eco friendly products it is lovely knowing what I’m putting on my children’s skin and mine is natural , brilliant when baby tends to lick hands after sanitising!
J. W., Wheathampstead
Non drying foam. Only need a little each time
A. M., Cheddar
Good quality product. Pump produces a foam substance. Does not have a strong smell and does not dry the hands out. Very happy with purchase and would recommend.
S. D., Birmingham
I love it, the foam drys quickly on the hands and smells wonderful.
S. B., Redcar
Great product, lovely smell and easy to apply. Dries quickly. Perfect for handbags, desks and hassle free hand washing.
C. R., Rotherham
I keep it in my handbag - but need to check the top is well screwed on as it arrived loose and leaking.
Great to pop in my handbag and easy to use.
E. R., Edinburgh
Not sticky like chemical sanitisers and no alcohol to dry your hands.
J. W., Sheffield
Never been a fan of this type of product, but really like this more eco-friendly one as its effective and has nowt nasty in it!
M. S. H., Nairn
Nice handy size and easy to use, no nasty fragrance, not sticky and gentle on skin. would recommend.
J. P., hull
S., London
Absolutely fantastic. I am thrilled to have found a hand sanitiser that doesn't sting, doesn't contain alcohol and doesn't have a strong smell. I have quite bad eczema on my hand and dread having to use sanitiser, but this one is lovely
J. L., Thornton Cleveleys
Great to use after visiting animals on smallholding. I feel assured that my hands are free of germs. I will recommend to my friends. A quality product in a handy size dispenser.
S. K., Dover
I use this daily whenever I need to clean my hands, it's really useful to have when out and about. It's portable and does a great job, doesn't feel sticky at all and very economical. Everyone should have one of these as its great quality.
P. H., Newcastle upon Tyne
Very good
Love this for in my bag for when soap and water are not available! Great for kids!
M. T., Halifax
This stuff is great - leaves hands feeling fresh but without the alcohol or strong scent of other hand sanitisers. Much cheaper here than in *** too!
A. N., London
love it - the best ever! I love the fact that it is a foam - easier to work on your hands
M. M. B., Cambridge
as i was trekking - the organic sanitiser is ESSENTIAL when sanitising the private parts - as it's alcohol free - but also clinically effective, you can trust that not only is it doing it's job - most importantly, it won't sting!! (oh, and alcohol definitely stings a lot I can tell you!!)
L. E., Surrey
We take this on every outdoor trip,easy ,quick and safe to use
K. M., Hastings
Easy to use pump, foam solution. Doesn't sting or leave hands smelling chemically, which is good if you're about to eat.
M. H., Calne
The pump measures just the right amount to cleanse hands. Deducted one star as it feels a little too watery but it does the job. No stickiness.
K. H., Bradford
I highly recommend the hand sanitizer which I use at my clinic
Brilliant for my children whose hands are sensitive to the cheap soaps they have in school environments.
K. H., Barnoldswick
GREAT natural, safe product. Non better on the market,
No smell, comes out as a foam. Soaked in quickly.
Z. C., Gateshead Tyne and Wear
Love this stuff.
H. K., Cambridge
Really handy for in bag or handbag. Very effective.
J., Dunfermline
been using this a while, really happy with it.
Y. M., Street
I am very impressed with this product. It leaves no stickiness as some other hand sanitizers do. It dries quickly and hands feel clean afterwards.
Mrs E. H., Newcastle under Lyme
Brilliant for cleaning hands after changing nappies!
I am a nurse and use this all the time instead of alcohol sanitisers- it is certainly kinder to my skin, plus it still thoroughly cleanses it.
I recomend it to all I work with.
The quality is fantastic.

E. A. B., Shrewsbury
out and about. doesn't harm my skin.
M. B., London
Non sticky, no overpowering smell, perfect size for handbag. Claims to be enough for 125 applications - we shall see!
L. B., Chellaston
My daughter uses this, she has extremely sore skin from eczema and has great problems being able to keep her hands clean. This handwash is so gentle.
C. B., London
I use this on myself and my son, hope it's doing the job!
J. B., Clevedon
I like the mousse type medium and the handy size for fitting in a handbag. I use it before eating from street vendors when its not possible to wash my hands. It was useful for my elderly Mum stuck in bed in hospital, using a commode by her bedside nurses didn't always offer an opportunity to wash her hands. I would recommend as it is gentle on the skin.
Miss S. V. S., Burnham-on-Sea
great, nut safe and alcohol free, kind to excema
Miss R. P., Tadley
No scent unlike the overpowering fragrance of others. I keep this in my baby's changing bag. Very useful to have.
C. G., Maidstone
Great product and gentle and free of chemicals enough to use on baby to.
K. R., Northamptonshire
As yet to use it in the field. Smells ok but most importantly it doesn't leave hands sticky.
K. H., Brentwood
Easy to use and small enough to fit into a handbag. The quality is good and I would recommend to others.
Mrs S. T., Southamptom
I keep this is in the car, on my desk at work, and carry it around if we're out and about. I do not use any products with chemicals so react badly to simmilar antibacterial products on the market. This is gentle and really lovely to use without any horrible smell or residue.
Mrs G. P., Eastleigh
C. H., Blackburn
I have been searching for ages for an organic hand sanitizer-I work with children so this is so handy to keep in bag.
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