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Natracare Ultra Natural Pads With Wings (Regular, Super, Long & Super Plus)

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Part of Natracare’s period products range, the Natracare Ultra Natural Pad with wings are plastic-free sanitary pads with wings, made from organic and natural materials in Regular, Super, Long and Super Plus absorbencies for a light to regular flow, for night time use, or for heavy periods. 

An Ultra slim design for ultimate comfort & discretion (Regular=2mm > Super Plus=4mm), these pads offer eco-friendly sanitary protection from leading brand Natracare. These pads are contoured in line with the body’s natural curves and have wings for added security offeringan extra layer of absorbency for extra comfort and protection. Select the flow or style of pad you need using the buttons on the right before adding to the basket.

  • Totally chlorine free (TCF) with no plastics, perfumes, dyes or fragrance
  • Contains no latex or Super Absorbent Polymers (SAP)
  • Friendly on your skin and to the environment
  • Over 93% biodegradable & 74% renewable sources
  • Regular with wings pads come in a pack of 14, Super with wings in packs of 12, Long with wings are packs of 10, and Super Plus is supplied in packs of 12
  • Packaged in recycled card & each pad is individually wrapped in recycled paper pouch for convenience when out and about.

Why choose natural sanitary pads?

People today looking for menstrual products are conscious of the need to restrict their contact with synthetic materials and unnecessary chemicals and additives. They are becoming more aware that most of the widely available sanitary pads sold today, contain a blend of chlorine-bleached pulp, polypropylene, polyacrylates and plastic.

For each monthly cycle, it makes sense to choose a pad that is made from natural materials. Many gynaecologists have advised people with sensitive skin to use Natracare pads to reduce their contact with chlorine bleached materials, and also products containing synthetics, latex and super absorbents made from petrochemicals. Every year, billions of plastic laden pads are disposed of, and generally they end up in landfill sites to sit unaltered for hundreds of years. Every year, in Britain alone, we would have to dig a hole three hundred feet deep and three hundred feet wide to bury the sanitary pads that are thrown away.

Natracare chemical free pads are high quality products made from only pure and natural materials that are made from plant cellulose. They are not chlorine bleached and are free of rayon, plastics and other similar synthetic materials that have a negative impact on our environment. They are comfortable and reliable and available in different absorbencies and styles.

Part of Natracare’s period products range.  Make a more ethical choice in your menstrual care.

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Reviews of Natracare Ultra Natural Pads With Win... 4.7 out of 5 (50 reviews)

Good alternative to well-known high street brands, no scent, good absorption.
Delighted with these products.
Good product, does its job well and is environmentally friendly.
Plastic free all round and work just as well as popular brands
All of the natracare pads have proved to be good.
very nice, good quality
would recommend.
Natural and gentle. Work well so no need for chemical and plastic pads
No comment
Great, does the job and no nasties
As good as "standard" pads
Even the outer packaging is compostable :)
good product
Switched to Natracare almost a year ago and cannot recommend enough!
Very good product, was very pleased with this product after changing from my normal well known brand.
better than "normal" pads, i get less sweaty too!
Great alternative to the popular brands especially if you are looking for natural and biodegradable hygiene products
What can I say, they do the job they were made for and I like that that they are Natracare.
Really good to know there's no nastiest and these are very comfortable and fresher .
They don't have that plastic feel of regular pads, they are very soft, comfortable and breathable.
Fantastic quality and no allergic reaction.
A much kinder product than the more commercial sort - softer, gentle and like nothing is there at all.
Good product
Having recently reacted to normal high street brands with the chemical etc, these were a relief. They are not as soft as the 'body form type brands' but the difference is insignificant and they are comfortable and definitely do the job. Will be using them going forward.
Great product, wish I had known about this range of natural products before.
green and organic
Feels nice, great to know there is no rubbish in them
I wouldn't use anything else. Wish I'd known about them years ago. Anything thats natural, and helps the environment as well as us gets the thumbs up from me.
Great eco product. I burn the used ones in the stove.
I use these all the time. Other products cause skin irritation. Thumbs up from me.
Excellent product.
Always use Natracare products as other brands cause irritation. Big Green Smile have a great range and delivery is really fast. Would definitely recommend.
would recommend,great quality,
Really good.
Not yet tried but I'm sure these will be excellent. Environmentally friendly.
With organic, natural, biodegradable materials; the ethical alternative to the mainstream brands
The Best pads ever, so soft, natural, no nasty parfumes and chemicals.
do not stay in place well
V. happy
I've been using a variety of products (pantyliners + pads alike) from this brand for 2 years now + fully advocate them!! I like its win-win combo. of being more biologically-friendly (to me) while at the same time, environmentally-responsible.
Travel packaging.
Effective and well made.
The best product on the market
Very healthy
Great alternative to your usual bleached cotton high street brands.
Could not live without Natracare products.
Organic, safer and bio degradable
These are a brilliant item-so much fresher feeling than other brands which are pumped full of fragrance-very soft and comfortable.
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