Nordics Bamboo Toothbrush Blue Bristles

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This toothbrush has soft blue bristles so you can help find your own!

  • Toothbrush with soft, high-quality bristles and ergonomic bamboo handle that is biodegradable
  • The brush can be used by all family members, even the smallest. Nordics kids are suitable for children above 3 years.
  • We recommend you change your toothbrush every 60 days and always after illness
  • Fibre brushes are tapered at the edges to clean under the gum where plaque and food residue collects
  • Not tested on animals.
  • Suitable for Vegans.

The handle is 100% MOSO bamboo. This type of bamboo is extremely sustainable, because it can grow up to 2 metres for the period of 24 hours.

The fibers are of the highest quality recycled nylon from DuPont. They come with a special certificate that states that the origin of the material is guaranteed. 

Product code:  NORDICSBLUE

Reviews of Nordics Bamboo Toothbrush Blue Bristles 4.5 out of 5 (8 reviews)

I am trying different brands of bamboo toothbrushes to find one that works for me. This is unfortunately not a good one.

The handle is comfortable and I liked the packaging, however the bristles are not hard wearing enough. This had gone flat within 3 weeks for me (fairly heavy brusher) compared to a usual 6 weeks and for my partner (the sort of brusher dentists like) in 4 weeks compared to his usual 10 weeks.

At the cost I don't want to have to replace my toothbrush more often than necessary. Sorry Nordics :-(
Pleasant toothbrush, nice ergonomic handle, good bristles.
Excellent to use and I know I am using something that isn't plastic.
Great alternative to plastic toothbrushes and they clean well too.
Now we are used to using bamboo toothbrushes I am very happy with the quality. The bristles are softer but still leave me feeling clean.
These feel chunky in your mouth when you first use them. The wood at the bristle end could do with being smaller. The handle is comfortable and not heavy. I did have a bristle fall out. Also my partner won't use it as it's soft bristle. That would be a good development, to have different bristle typ
I didn't like this toothbrush. The bristles are very soft and the the wooden handle absorbs the water so it is really difficult to clean my teeth.
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