Oliva Natural Olive Oil Soap

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(£1.11 per 100g)

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(£1.11 per 100g)

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Oliva olive oil soap is manufactured to a traditional process of soap making in Crete.

Made from pure unrefined olive oil, Oliva is kind and gentle to the skin - even sensitive skin.

Oliva is not tested on animals, contains no artificial colours or perfumes, is completely vegetarian and vegan and is 100% biodegradeable.

Ingredients Saponified Olive Oil, Water, Minerals Salts.
The mineral salts are Sodium Chloride (NaCL).
Contents: 125g
Product code:  OLIVA

Reviews of Oliva Natural Olive Oil Soap 4.8 out of 5 (74 reviews)

Great soap which gives enough lather to be helpful but rinses off easily. No particular scent which I have noticed either way which is good, as I'd rather smell of my perfume.
Although a bit slimy to use it is lovely non drying at a very good price. Non perfumed and even use it on my face
Great soap, no rubbish, no scent and no irritation.
Love this natural soap, without the chemicals.
Oliva soap is perfect for all the fanmily. I discovered itbin Greece and was so pleased to find a co in uk
ive not used the soap yet ..but when i do i no i will buy again
No harsh drying but still cleans. Not the most fragrant. I don't think my boys really want to smell like flowers!
Its been my favourite soap for years!
This is the best soap bar ever! With only 3 ingredients and all natural
I buy this as a good value no fuss simple ingredients soap! Cleared up my spotty back. The whole family use it. I also use it as a hand soap. A little bit drying for my face so only use it now and again on my face great for kids. Tried it as a shampoo which I wouldn't recommend as it just clumps my hair. It does go a bit slimy if left wet and doesnt dry out.
Very good creamy soap.
Lovely product.
I'm using this product for face wash and I can see the difference between this and other face soaps
Love this soap, not drying and lasts a fair while
Great simple soap, non drying. Just olive oil, water & salt.
A high quality product
Cleans well, doesn't irritate my skin.
Our daughter has psoriasis of the scalp. This product washes hair perfectly. No need for conditioner top marks
The soap seems very much as I expected but it is too soon to say whether it mitigates my skin problems.
How do you review a bar of soap ?
lovely and soft, almost no odour.
I love this soap, left the chemical shower gels behind and my skin is loving it!
I have not use the product yet, but was suggested to from a friend to get away from harsh chemicals
We love this soap for the shower. Will be a regular purchase.
Washing good product
I bought this soap for my grandson who has eczema , so I am hoping it helps him.
I was tempted to buy it because it is all natural.
I was hoping this would be a little more moisturising due to the olive oil, but that's not too big a deal. It leaves me absolutely squeaky clean and has a great lather :).
So good on skin!!
I have had psoriasis for 50 years and have use olive oil soap for about. 6 Months and its the best. My psoriasis has been in all that time.
My skin is itching in a little area on my back and the oliva soap made it better so far. I think the oliva does help the skin to soothe and doesn't make it dry.

Really satisfied with the products and service. Also good variety in products. It really is important what you put on your skin/hair, no nasties at all.
Lovely soap which is so smooth. Doesn't smell as lovely as some I've had, but it's great for everyday use.
Soap is great use it in the bathe
Really good I use it for shave as well and don't let burn my skin
Was told about this by a Greek lady some years ago wish I tried it earlier
Fab product! Used due to eczema .
moisturising, simple, good quality
I use the product as hand wash in the bathroom having recently experienced the benefits of olive oil soap am looking to expand the range to use at home.
My Mum and Sister have scoriasis and my Nephew has excema so we are trying the olive oil soap.
I use this olive oil soap for my face. It is very reasonably priced and works well.
I use the product for myself.
Good quality product at a good price.
feels lovely and soft and works really well on my dermatitis
I love this product. It's the most natural soap I can find, and it's great value.
This is a lovely soap for your skin but I mainly buy it as a pre-wash stain remover - it has no harsh chemicals and can lift the most in ground stains off - oil, grass stains, blood, mud - just slightly wet the stain with cold water - rub with Olivia soap and put in the wash as normal. You'll never use anything else once you have tried it and like me you'll have to buy 6 at a time so that you can give them to friends when they grumble that they have ruined there favorite item of clothing!!
always a good products, though the larger bar offered for sale would be an idea though big green smile
The quality is good and I bought them for my husband.
Really recommend it to everyone and anyone, its just awesome :-D
washing ,everybody,good
first class
For my hands I have very dry skin.
Yes I use the product and have been doing so for 5 years. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to buy a fairly inexpensive veggie soap and doesn't want it smelling of a strong fragrance.
Cleans ok but I don't like the smell.
Great product
fabulous in its simplicity. we all use it and rave about it. lather is not a big thing with us but if you like bubbles this soap may not be for you
i use this soap everyday for sensitive skin and find it an excellent product, mild and moisturising and would recommend it to anyone
Use the product myself but will be sending some to my Dad. Will recommend to anyone
The only soap for me is savon de Marseille, I am always trying to source some, so I will be back for more
use nothing but
lathers well for a natural soap
I bought this soap to try because I wanted one that wasn't too expensive and would be gentle on my hands (I suffer from eczema.) Oliva Natural Olive Oil Soap fits the bill perfectly! I will definitely be buying this one agin.
this soap is fantastic i can only use natural products on my skin and this is worth buying
Wonderful soap, especially for my toddlers who have sensitive and dry skin. I use it too. The skin is so much happier even after first time.
Best soap no sent does the job with out all the flowers!!
Love this stuff, been using it for years now & it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin.
Wonderful natural soap - not harsh at all
Use this super soap to wash my face. My skin feels really soft after using this excellent product. Will definetely buy again!
good quality soap, suitable for all family
A bit expensive. I can get a bigger block for this price in ********
brilliant soap.
An excellent product.
I have this product in my bathroom and kitchen and think it is excellent. It lathers well and lasts for ages. It doesn't contanin any harsh chemicals so is kind to your skin and is cheap. Really happy with it and will continue buying it.
Just love it. Great for my dry skin.
I'm allergic to everything but i can even use this on my face, happy with it :-) good price, good quality, is what it says it is.
i use this as an everyday soap.love it because it has no colours or perfume.
It lathers well and is good for sensitive and dry skins.
would recomend it to anyone who has these coditions including excema
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