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Avalon Natural Products are built upon the guiding principle of Consciousness in Cosmetics.  With skin being the largest organ of the body and with much of what we put on our skin being absorbed by it the products we apply should be natural, organic and pure.

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Avalon Natural Products Consciousness in Cosmetics is based on 5 elements.

Purity & safety

Avalon Organics only use only pure, natural ingredients and uses organic essential oils.  

The entire range contains excludes Parabens, Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfates, mineral oil, petrolatum, propylene glycol, artificial colours or synthetic fragrances.


Avalon Organics is committed to organic agriculture because it reaches the highest ideal of sustainability -- delivering benefits to the soil, to farmers, to the environment and to customers. Certified organic botanicals and oils in Avalon Organic products have and will continue to produce a measurable expansion of organic cultivation.

Products that work

Avalon Natural products provide exceptional quality and efficacy, products that perform and deliver their promise offering an unprecedented range of enhanced benefits because they are made with unique, innovative ingredients with science-based nutrients and botanicals.


Avalon Organics believe that taking time to honour our bodies with consciousness brings us into a deeper connection with ourselves. At its core, bathing and grooming are sensual experiences. Avalon Organics products aim to deliver a bouquet of luxurious fragrances of organic essential oils, gentle foaming lather and rich, soothing moisturization. Cleansing and nourishing, they enliven the body and honour the body's sensual purity.

Personal choice

Avalon Organics respect the individual dietary needs, choices and practices of their customers and never use animal-based ingredients in their products. They are especially conscious of the allergenic sensitivity of many customers and offer an array of products that do not contain any synthetic fragrances, harsh irritants or other ingredients that commonly cause allergic reactions.

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