What does it say on Bio-D label?

For those of you amongst you who have not yet tried Bio-D you may like us, when we first discovered Bio-D, be wondering what on earth it says on the labels of their products.  Well here goes:

We believe it is possible to have effective natural and safe cleaning products that don't cost the earth.  To prove this we have developed our range of natural, biodegradable household products that are ethically sound, safe to use and have minimal environmental impact on the planet.  

Domestic pollution causes more damage to the environment than industrial pollution.  

Many cleaners containing conventional ingredients have damaging effects on the environment and humans.  We are committed to the use of ingredients that are purely the best and safest for all of us.  

Wherever possible our raw materials are from renewable sources, not been tested on animals and have no animal by-products.  Our packaging is recyclable and manufactured to contain effective levels of recycled material.  

To further reinforce our belief in the use of natural ingredients all of our products are allergy tested.  

You have nothing to lose, the earth has everything to gain.  

Thank you.

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