D2W 50 Litre Degradable Swing Bin Liners with Drawtape

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A roll of 15 degradable swing bin liners in white with draw tape ties for easy sealing.

100% degradable.

Size: Approximately 59cm x 76cm (23" x 30") to fit 50 litre capacity bin with a rim up to 118cm (46")

Product code:  D2WSWINGDRAW15

Reviews of D2W 50 Litre Degradable Swing Bin Liners with Drawtape 4.5 out of 5 (27 reviews)

Just the right size for my bin. They are a little more fragile than ordinary bin liners but we only empty our kitchen bin weekly so they see a lot of action!
Brilliant. Have used these for a while now. Just doing my bit!
Hard to get excited about a bin liner. This does the job, and (hopefully) doesn't add to plastic in landfill.
Have been using these for just under 3 years. Strong and doesn't leak.
Great product but should be cheaper. Where are they made?
Good strong bags without the plastic.
Good quality and value.
We make little enough trash that by the time we remove from the bin, these bags want to tear. Probably good if you remove daily or every other day, but if you're trying NOT to use more plastic (degradable or otherwise) there are better options.
Good sturdy refuse bags.
Love these bags, I use them for the cat litter as I was fed up using plastic bags and wanted to have less of an impact on the environment. They are strong, a decent size and I will keep on buying these as they are so good.
Very thin and tears easily even when only half full. Don’t think I would buy again
I’ve used the dw2 bin liners for years. The drawtape on these does help tie them up neatly
It is a strong bag.
almost perfect - great strength and almost the perfect size - ever so slightly shorter than standard non-degradable product means it can slip off the rim of the bin if you're not careful risking messing up the inside of the bin - not happened yet though so not bad!
Does exactly what it says on the tin. Great product. Great value.
They are indeed bin liners.
Very good product and I feel much happier using these than non- degradeable plastic.
Occasionally can get holes a bit easily, but otherwise fine.
reliable and good value
I buy these because they are degradable and fit easily into my Good Grips bin
I like these swing bin liners because they're degradable, wouldn't use anything else.
What can I say? It's a bin bag and it's as 'green' as bin bags can be!
Good quality bin liners - just as strong as non-degradable ones, and great to know you're not adding any more to the mountain of plastic in our landfills
less plastic, better for the planet!!
as good as any other bin bags i have used inthe past
This product is fine. Strong enough though my other half says they rip more easily than some.
Great - durable. good quality what more can you say about a bin liner???
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