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Sonett Eco Sponge

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Normally £3.08
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Delivery FAQ »

Normally £3.08
Now only £2.46
(£1.23 each)

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The Sonett Eco Sponge is a reusable sponge that’s ideal for those looking to reduce waste when washing the dishes. Instead of synthetic foam, this eco dish sponge is made of cellulose, sisal fibres and recycled PET that are kinder to your pots and to the planet.

  • Scratch-free sponge
  • Washable up to 60 °C
  • Suitable for delicate glasses, stainless steel and lotus-effect surfaces
  • 2 eco friendly sponges per pack

Eco friendly dishwashing products that have a minimal impact on the planet are a great first step to making your home that little bit more environmentally friendly. Part of the range of eco cleaning products by Sonett, available from Big Green Smile.

Contents: 2
Product code:  SONEECOSPONGE

Reviews of Sonett Eco Sponge 4.5 out of 5 (51 reviews)

A really good alternative to both traditional plastic-based sponges and other more ecologically-minded types. Lasts about as long as a normal supermarket sponge in my experience, and more robust/easier to use than loofah pads. Love the plastic-free packaging. Although there’s still a small amount of plastic in these, it’s significantly less than in a standard sponge, and at least it’s recycled
Great product
These are the best eco washing up sponges I have found so far because they afford the same flexibility of movement and sensitivity as traditional sponge scourers (finding the more natural fibrous scourers too stiff); the scourer side does deteriorate quite quickly however.
These do the job and last as long as the normal sponges. I have added a couple to the compost heap but don't know yet how they degrade.
This is the best substitute for ordinary washing up sponges that I've found. It washes well at 60 degrees, so hygienic too. I'll definitely buy this again.
These are actually better than the usual sponge/scourers you can buy in supermarkets. We'll definitely buy them again.
Don't last long enough.
Lovely sponges. A bit hard to start with but softens up nicely.
Although great to be able to dispose of the green sponge in the compost caddy, the brown scourer layer still has to go to landfill - albeit the scourer has been made with recycled PET.
Scourer layer is efficient at getting dirt off, but for burnt on food a pre-soak in very hot water was still required.
The company was really helpful and quick to reply to enquiries about how to recycle the item - as instructions are not on the cardboard wrap.
I'm sure coir or coconut fibres could be used instead of the recycled PET, but maybe they don't adhere well to the sponge.
I'm still glad I purchased the item, and discovered their website - a host of cleaning products and items that I definitely will try.
The scourer layer started to come away from the sponge after about 4-6 wks, but I use freshly boiled water from a pot, so probably less intensive treatment would have it last longer.
I love that these are Eco friendly. You do have to be careful as the abrasive side has ruined some of my pans.
As someone else said, these are the closest I've found to 'traditional' sponge scourers (have tried a few alternatives, but not got on with any, esp loofahs - too inflexible for my small, female hands). However, was very disappointed that by the end of the the first week of use, the scourer part was already starting to break up and pull away from the sponge. By the end of a month, it had completely disintegrated and come off. We do all our washing up by hand (no dishwasher) so perhaps this is why our experience was different to some other of the reviewers? Such a shame, otherwise, would prob have given 5 stars.
I’ve Loved these chaps and keep reordering. For burnt Ian’s etc I do couple with a metal scourer.
Cleans very well, much better than the store bought sponge. Will definitely buy again
I like these washing up sponges because they do a good job and last a long time then when worn out, can be recycled
Only just started using but so far seems ok all the scouring side isn't overly effective but then again not n real difference compared to other scratch free scourers that I've used.
Looks like it will last a reasonable time.
Much better quality than we expected.

Would highly recommend.
It's the best eco sponge I have purchased. Very happy with this product.
I love these. They're gentle enough for delicate items, but do a great job on harder-to-clean items. My favourite kitchen sponge.
I love this sponge... I just wish I could buy it in larger quantities at a reduced cost! Been using for a month now and still does the job. The sisal has not come away to any degree. When it dries out, it resembles a biscuit, but soon fills out once wet! Do not eat!
Best sponge on the market, durable.
Very good, cleans well yet gentle and scratch free
At last, an eco sponge that feels like a sponge. It cleans beautifully and rinses out well. I use it to do the dishes including pans (on the scouring side) and it does a very good job.
More effective than other eco washing up products I’ve tried. Good scourer and very easy to use
I really liked these because I always used to get the standard plastic kind which are not bio degradable which is not acceptable. I would always buy these now. I think they are work really well and convenient to use.
Only used a couple of times, but so far so good. Cleans my non stick pans well and is a neat, but useful size
Great that you can wash them together with laundry in washing machine up to 60°C and later compost them. I´ve been using them for some time and all OK.
I only buy these now
Have been searching for an alternative to the multitude of sponges that get used and binned.
Good quality and durable as well.
nice eco sponge!
Just like a regular plastic sponge for washing dishes with a nice lather, but so much better for the environment and my conscience!
Best *** *** about.
Use for everyday washing up. The best eco version of a sponge I have found.
Highly recommend love these sponges splendid for cleaning cups they really do work
I really like these sponges. Eco friendly and effective.
Don’t know yet
Works and lasts very well.
Love it
Fantastic sponges! Easily the best eco-friendly kitchen sponges we have used so far - highly recommended!

Good, effective sponges
I really like it although it is not as durable and therefore I need to order several packs at once. Never mind, it is environmentally friendly.
The sponges are very useful and after a few weeks of using look like new. We'll be able to wash them properly after and use for so much longer then. Both me and my husband are happy with them.
Lovely and soft easy to use not as strong (hard) as some others
I really like these little sponges. A great alternative to the plastic ones.
Its fine have only use for a short time but it is good for light washing.
Work brilliantly! So amazing to find an eco replacement and extraordinary to think it isn't the norm.
Good sponge
Good sponge.
They are very sturdy and inflexible. I found them rather annoying to use. I found them hard to hold and they would not bend to get into corners. Some of the sisal fibres come loose and collect in the drain.
cleans well, absorbs spills well
Great sponges
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