ECO by Naty Pull Up Pants: Size 6 X-Large

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ECO by Naty Pull Up Pants Size 6 X-Large: 16+ kg, 35+ lbs

18 pull up pants in this pack

ECO by Naty Nature Babycare Pull on Pants allow your growing toddler to move around freely with the leak protection you expect from ECO by Naty Nature Babycare. Naturally.

  • 100% chlorine free
  • Based on biodegradable materials
  • Biodegradable back sheet film based on maize
  • 100% GM free
Naty Nature Baby Care Pull Up Pants

A. No perfume

B. Totally Chlorine Free pulp

C. Leakage barrier made of natural material. GM free based corn film. No plastic

D. Distribution layer made of natural material. No plastic.

Contents: 18
Product code:  NATYPULL6

Reviews of ECO by Naty Pull Up Pants: Size 6 X-Large 4.8 out of 5 (23 reviews)

Fingers crossed, the dreaded nappy rash avoided so far.
Just as good as less environmentally-friendly pull-up nappies (supermarket own brand and Pampers or Huggies), without as much guilt!
Brilliant product, very absorbant. Good for getting children used to real pants.
These are very good - I was a little cynical as they look different to more well-known/less ecologically sound brands. However, we have used them at nighttimes with our toddler & although he has been wet in the morning, we have had no leaks. I'll definitely continue using them.
Love these nappies, I wish I had been able to use reusable with my second but this is a great alternative and wouldn't use anything else
These are great, cheaper than average for Eco, non leaky and look comfortable.
Good pull-ups without the usual chemicals. Elastic is nice, holds well without being too tight. Did leak with some poos but really is designed for toilet training, so not a big issue I suppose.
Great nappies. We bought nappy rash cream 2 1/2 years ago, hardly used it as these nappies have never caused any skin problems.
Bit small for my neatly four year old who wears them at night only (although he is a big lad) does the job thou, but I'm not converted from my 18pack from Aldis for 2.99 yet. Wish they were not as expensive as want to be eco friendly and put them in my compost heap but have to be frugal at times! Better get the little one dry through the night soon!
Very easy to use, a good precursor to wearing pants. Slightly big for my daughter so you need to change nappies quickly for number twos so there is no 'spillage', will improve once she grows a little. Small price to pay for a chemical free nappy
They look a little tight which is why I gave it 4 stars, but otherwise very reliable, comfy (apparently), planet/bum friendly :)
Eco pull-up nappies - very good.
Wish I had known about these earlier for my elder children when they were babies. Wouldn't use anything else now.
Does the job great. I like the fact they are white and less noticeable than the soncalled leading brand which is bright pink/Disney branded
As always, a great product
Potty and nappy resistant toddler finds these acceptable. Love the fact you can rip down the sides for mess free poo removal. Also great for sensitive skin! Nappy rash problems disappeared once we switched.
No chemical smells what so ever unlike ******. I love these nappies!
Fantastic and they don't cause any nasty rashes like some of the normal nappies do.
An Eco nappy which we have used, a reliable brand
Love nature baby care products, always have used there nappies and the naty pull ups are ace, better than other leading brands, but hard to get hold off from shops on high street ? so will buy from here again .
really good for potty training - great product!
After using Naty nappies since the birth of my son we now use these pull up pants at night time - easy to pull on, comfortable and no leaks so far - very pleased with the product.
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