ECO by Naty Nappies: Size 6

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ECO by Naty Nappies are award-winning eco nappies and the number one selling green nappy on the market. Go green without giving up performance with ECO by Naty newborn nappies.

  • Size 6 nappy: 16+ kg, 35+ lbs
  • Contains 17 nappies per pack
  • Naturally breathable eco disposable nappies
  • Chlorine, perfume and fragrance free
  • GM free corn-based film
  • Natural and renewable material

ECO by Naty's approach is a natural one. They aim to use natural products whenever and wherever possible across their range of babycare products. The natural choice for environmentally aware parents. Naty Nappies are part of the range of eco friendly nappies and natural baby products available at Big Green Smile.

Naty Nature Baby Care Nappy

A. No perfume

B. Totally Chlorine Free pulp

C. Chlorine free outer cover. No plastic. GM free based corn film

D. Leakage barrier made of natural material. No plastic

E. Distribution layer made of natural material. No plastic

Contents: 17
Product code:  NATYNAPSIZE6

Reviews of ECO by Naty Nappies: Size 6 4.7 out of 5 (14 reviews)

Product is great quality and great price. Never had a problem.
Always happy with naty nappies - a great choice
Been using the proiduct for ages, these were exactly the same as any other Naty nappy as one would expect
I love knowing that I am using a safe product on my little one.
Good nappies without the usual chemicals. No nappy rash issues after a year and half of use. Does have a burnt paper type smell, which is quite strong sometimes but still prefer to use over other brands. Cheapest 'eco' nappy I have found.
Have used Naty for over 2 years !
Very good nappies without the nasties but let down by quality issues at times. I have had to throw new nappies away quite often due to nappies ripping easily at the seams at the back of the nappy when trying to fasten. I had to throw even more away due to the section including the tab on the front of nappy often being stitched into the body of the nappy and so not possible to fasten. Persevering as don't want to use the more dominant 'chemical' brands, would switch to another brand if was easier to find. Shame as very good product otherwise.
Top quality. Baby stop complaining itchiness.
Brilliant nappy after having used hugged for first baby
Good natural nappies if washables are not practical.
I had used these nappies before and thought they were brilliant. My baby gets nappy rash and never has it if he wears these. I do like these nappies but my baby wees a lot and found the outer shell became weak often and went in holes - all of the crystals went everywhere and was very messy to say the least. I would have been mortified if i was out if the house when this happened. This has happened 3 times in 1 week so far. Iv also found I have to change the nappies hourly as they don't hold the wee and he has large wet patches on his clothes. Iv gone through over 40 nappies this week. Think I'm gonna try moltex next time.
I'm glad they have large size nappies as my baby is on the large size and not really ready for potty training. Would reccomend for sensitive skin but not sure about performance.
Never leak, biodegradable and good for my sons sensitive skin.
use these all the time - love them!
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