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Ecoeggs innovative Dryer Eggs are scientifically proven to reduce tumble drying time by up to 28%, saving you both money and energy.

Drying, but with a spin

Unlike traditional tumble drying devices, Ecoegg Dryer Eggs contain a hidden gem in the shape of a unique hypoallergenic fragrance stick infused with essential oil that fragrance your clothes in the dryer – a patent pending breakthrough!

Available in sumptuous Soft Cotton or Spring Blossom, the Dryer Eggs leave your clothes smelling gorgeous and baby soft and are great for sensitive skin.

  • Reduces your drying time by up to 28%
  • Kinder to your environment – no harsh chemicals
  • Kinder to your pocket – save every time you dry
  • Kinder to your skin – no irritants or allergens
  • Fragrance your clothes without fabric softener
  • They work – proven by an independent laboratory

How to use

The ecoegg dryer eggs are so simple to use. Just place the ecoegg dryer eggs into the drum of your tumble dryer along with your laundry.

Dry your laundry on the usual setting, observing all garment care instructions as you usually would.

Once your laundry has finished drying, you do not need to remove the dryer eggs from the tumble dryer - you can leave them in the dryer until next time if you wish.

Ecoegg - Dryer Egg is part of the range of ­­Ecoegg laundry products. Reduce plastic waste and leave your clothes soft and smelling amazing with the Ecoegg Laundry Egg, available in two gorgeous fresh fragrances, or fragrance free! Already love your Eco Egg? We also stock Ecoegg refills. Explore the full range of popular Ecoegg products, including speciality cleaning products, available from Big Green Smile.


Ecoegg Dryer Egg Fragrance Sticks contain Glycerol Monostearate and Perfume

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Customer reviews 4.0 out of 5 (13 reviews)

They woek
P. H., Holyhead
Currently my clothes come out smelling v vaguely if the egg itself a sort of plastic smell and not particularly of the scent. The scent is so mild. I regret this purchase putting more unneeded plastic into the world. I may try putting more essential oils on the centre to see if that is any better.
These dryer eggs definitely make my laundry much softer, and leaves behind a faint, warm scent. These are perfect if you wash your laundry at a perfume-free laundromat! I haven't noticed a significant decrease in drying time though, but plan on testing it soon.
R., Brønshøj
Very effective, helps with drying and smells lovely
J. R., Falmouth
Soft drying balls, does fragrance the laundry whilst tumbling. Personally not very keen on the Linen fragrance I chose; strangely it is not the same as the Linen fragrance of the EcoEgg washing balls which is lovely.
Miss B. M., Northwich
i like this product it does what you
said it would and i dont need to use
dryer sheets, so it saves me time and
Mrs Y. M., Glasgow
My clothes are softer. Great product!
C. M., London
I am so glad I purchased this dryer egg.
I got the clean linen fragrance and it is really gorgeous.
The washing comes out of the tumble dryer smelling really lovely, it even makes the whole kitchen smell lovely while its being used.The smell isn't overpowering, it just smells clean and fresh.
I have noticed a massive difference in the softness of the washing aswell. Towels come out of the dryer lovely and fluffy. I would highly recommend the dryer egg.
Miss S. W., Plymouth
Really like these but mainly for getting clothes smelling even fresher. Am not certain that they do save time/energy but I'll continue to use anyway. Can you increase the fragrance range for the refills?
Mr A. H., Winchester
I went for the spring blossom fragrance and I've taken some of the perfume out as I found it too strong (but I wasn't using a fragranced powder in the first place). I haven't noticed any noticeable difference in softness of clothes and reduced dryer time.
Mrs S. B., Ellesmere Port
Disappointed with these. Completely disassembled first use and pictures showing how to put back together miss out a disc shaped part. They are now mishapen. Not sure they make much difference, but early days yet and they are SO noisy in the dryer.
A. C., Gorton
Good value and smell good!
A. S., Bexleyheath
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